Baylaバイラ」is a Bijousha from Skyriver, who possesses the power of the silver rainbow in the Guardian Angels Of The Sky series. Bayla made her first debut in Guardian Angels Of The Sky, the first season of the series.

Bayla lives inside the Bianko Brilliant, who belongs to Amashiro Kiyomi.

Character Information

Bayla is the keeper of the silver rainbow, who resides inside the Bianko Brilliant, which belongs to Amashiro Kiyomi. Bayla is a calm, yet outgoing Bijousha. She acknowledges the beauty of nature and would like to spend several hours with the calm and beautiful nature. However, Bayla also has a different side. She's pretty much the honest older sister towards others. She knows how to calm other down, take care for them or make them smile. But on the other hand, she likes to make jokes and can relate to others' feelings as well. She usually helps people with their feelings when they can't get along with them on their own.

In the second half of the final season, Bayla was given back her original form. As it turned out, Bayla used to be a fairy from Skyriver, who lived her life peacefully until it suddenly ended. She and her brother then became Bijoushas to assist the future Guadian Angels. After being "reborn" and after the angels defeated the eternal darkness, Bayla decided to stay with Kiyomi instead of returning to Skyriver.


  • Nilam: Bayla's younger brother. Nilam is a big crybaby and Bayla's duty is it to prepare him for his work as Bijousha and to comfort him whenever he feels down. After the two arrived on earth, the siblings live more separated from each other than before. However, they still seem to have a good relationship.
  • Amashiro Kiyomi: The angel of the silver rainbow and Bayla's partner. Bayla understands Kiyomi's feelings and thoughts very well, always knowing what's up with her. However, Bayla tends to tell others about it when Kiyomi doesn't want to talk about it. When she does that, Kiyomi either gets nervous our annoyed since she doesn't want Bayla to tell everyone what she thinks.
  • Nobumoto Rosuke: Bayla used to have a neutral opinion about him. She knew about Kiyomi's feelings for him and then stopped seeing him as an enemy, if she ever did. Later she likes the idea off teasing them and usually annoys Loo by openly stating what he is thinking, relating his feelings. Though none of that is means mean, they still get along quite well. Also, while Kiyomi is the actual carrier of Bayla's powers, Bayla is usually with Loo, which shouldn't be a problem, since Kiyomi is too.



  • Bayla's appearance resembles a grey wolf.
  • A duet named Alice✳Blue was recorded for the siblings Nilam and Bayla.
  • Bayla is a variant of the Yiddish name Bailar, which can be translated as "pure" or "white".[1]


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