See also: Beautiful Witches Of Earth: Everyone; All mix~ed up!
Beautiful Sky Pretty Cure: Pretty Cure; All mix~ed up!
Beautiful Sky Pretty Cure: Pretty Cure; Subete ga Maza~tsu!
General Information
Created onAugust 2015
Original ReleaseIn the future
DirectorYotsuba Anne
ScreenplayOkou Anzu
Art DesignMomomiya Mari
Movie Info
SeriesBeautiful Sky Pretty Cure
OpeningEien no Sky Pretty Cure

Beautiful Sky Pretty Cure: Purikyua; Subete ga Maza~tsu! (映画ビューティフルスカイプリキュア:ぷりきゅあ;すべてが混ざっ! Beautiful Sky Pretty Cure: Pretty Cure; All mix~ed up!?) is the first movie for Beautiful Sky Pretty Cure.



That’s bad!! The most powerful wizard from the Island of Darkness has appeared and caused trouble all across the town! Medium, the wizard of switch has come to Feather Castletown to take care of the Pretty Cures to bring victory to his origin. Coming from the Island of Dark, it’s sure that he might plan something wicked. While the girls are enjoying their normal sunny days, the wizard casts a spell on them, which turns their lives upside down. Their friendship mixed up, the girls have to find a way to deal with the situation while also finding a way to turn their lives back to normal…!


Magical Girls



Supporting Characters



  • This is the first movie featuring the Cures swapping bodies.