This is an overview of every character appearing in the Guardian Angels Of The Sky series. The characters appearing in Guardian Angels Of The Sky, Guardian Angels Of The Stars, Guardian Angels Of The Sound, Guardian Angels Of The Light and the movies of the series.

If you are looking for information about the characters appearing in the 5th season of the series, please refer to the main page.


Guardian Angels

Akabayashi Rubi (赤林瑠美衣?)
Voice Actor: Hirano Aya
Rubi is a passionate girl with a fiery personality. She can be quite pessimistic, but still tries her best no matter what. Rubi has a habit of acting like a boss or superior in general but usually is not taken serious. However, Rubi hardly ever takes herself serious either. Rubi is a girl with a high sense of justice and has the power to transform into the passionate Guardian Angel of fire known as Guardian Angel Chimaira (ミツカイキマイラ?).
Yuuki Ririan (優黄りりあん?)
Voice Actor: Iida Riho
Ririan is a confident girl with a very strong personality. Ririan tries her best to see the good things in life and enjoy any situation in life the fullest. She also tends to make jokes of others, that should lift everyone's mood but should never hurt anyone. Ririan is a very nice person and tries to stay kind towards anyone. She has the power to transform into the strong Guardian Angel of electricity known as Guardian Angel Ampere (ミツカイアンペア?).
Tachibana Amber (立花アンバー?)
Voice Actor: Taneda Risa
Amber is an outgoing girl with a bright personality. She seems to be a bit arrogant and short tempered at first, when she is actually a person with a caring heart. Amber shows to have an independent way of thinking and can be quite stubborn sometimes. Amber is a girls that has a passion for designing and has the powers to transform into the sparkling Guardian Angel of light known as Guardian Angel Aurorae (ミツカイオーロラエ?).
Minotori Ema (実鳥恵真?)
Voice Actor: Hanazawa Kana
Ema is a very responsible girl with a calm personality. Ema has quite a natural personality, as she always tries to get along with anyone around her. She usually thinks positively and despises bad thoughts. Ema has also got a good sense of humor and has a heart of the beauty of nature. She has the power to transform into the brave Guardian Angel of nature, known as Guardian Angel Clover (ミツカイクローバー?).
Aoba Sapphie (蒼波サフィ?)
Voice Actor: Voice Actor: Ōtsubo Yuka
Sapphie is rocking girl with a cool personality. She is very talented and loves nothing more than music. Her favorite instrument is the guitar. She is quite tomboyish and tends to speak before she thinks. Due to that, she might something hurting without actually wanting to. Sapphie has a fiery spirit and has the power to transform into the talented Guardian Angel of water and ice, known as Guardian Angel Sicilia (ミツカイシチリア?).
Amashiro, Kiyomi Diamond (天代きよみ・ダイヤモンド?)
Voice Actor: Murakawa Rie
Kiyomi is a smart girl with a kind-hearted personality. She is very smart and has got a big talent when it comes to drawing. She is confident that everything happens for a greater reason and always follows the voice of her heart in any situation. Despite her appearance, Kiyomi is a girl with a strong sense of justice. Kiyomi has the power to transform into the wise Guardian Angel of time, known as Guardian Angel Millennia (ミツカイミレニア?).
Momozaki Rikka (桃崎立夏?)
Voice Actor: Sakura Ayane
Rikka is an energetic girl with a cheerful personality. She is an internationally known idol, who is known to be a hard worker. Despite appearing to be a klutz, Rikka is a very talented and engaged person. She sometimes acts as if she's not aware of her abilities, to make others feel comfortable around her. Rikka is a professional entertainer and has the power to transform into the Guardian Angel of love known as Guardian Angel Papillon (ミツカイパピヨン?).
Itou Ami (伊藤空美?)
Voice Actor: Uchida Maaya
Ami is a logical thinking girl with a calm personality. She appears to be sharp tongued and strict towards others. While this is correct, Ami can also be very nice once she warms up towards others. Some time ago, Ami used to close herself from the world around her. However, she learned to overcome her loneliness. She has the power to transform into the Guardian Angel of Dreams known as Guardian Angel Cavetta (ミツカイキャベッタ?).
Grand Angel Iris (グランドエンジェルアイリス?)
Voice Actor: Ito Kanae
Grand Angel Iris is a legendary angelic warrior, who appears in the legends of Skyriver, the land of rainbows. According to said legends, Grand Angel Iris used to be a normal girl who traveled around the world of light to end the era of darkness and give the eternal light to the world. Grand Angel Iris was blessed with the holy power of light and eternal colors of the rainbow.

Color Guards

Scarlett (スカーレット?)
Voice Actor: Nanjou Yoshino
Scarlet is a confident and determined color guard from Skyriver. She always tries to do her best and, no matter what happens, always tries to think optimistically. Scarlet shows to be very curious about the worlds and the nature around her. She sometimes wants to leave earth and Skyriver to go through her own adventures. Scarlet is the color guard of the red-colored rainbow.
Jaune (イェロー?)
Voice Actor: Ueda Reina
Yellow is a cool-headed color guard from Skyriver, who believes in the power of greater forces. Yellow shows to have great trust in the Guardian Angels and is confident that they will defeat the darkness that is threatening the peace between light and rainbows. She is very kind but appears to be quite quiet at some times. Yellow is the color guard of the golden-colored rainbow, which holds the powers of the yellow color.
Estrella (マンダリン?)
Voice Acto: Sawashiro Miyuki
Mandarine is a fun-loving and very kind hearted color guard from Skyriver. She enjoys watching others following their dreams, or practicing their most favorite activities. She appears to be a little shy as she usually stands behind and watches without talking with them. However, Mandarine is very outgoing and cheerful. Mandarine is the color guard of the orange-colored rainbow.
Linden (グリーン?)
Voice Actor: Mimori Suzuko
Green is a calm color guard from Skyriver who seems to be very aware of his duties as guardian of the colors. Green has a down-to-earth personality and doesn't goof around as much as the others. He shows to have confidence in his and the others' powers and abilities and hardly ever worries about the future of the world or what happens after the angels defeated the darkness. Green is the color guard of the green-colored rainbow.
Nilam (ブルー?)
Voice Actor: Inami Anju
Blue is an uneasy and always worried color guard from Skyriver, who almost has no confidence in himself or his powers. Blue is quite a big crybaby and cries over almost everything. Even though he wants himself to stop crying, it seems like he's not strong enough to overcome this characteristic. However, on earth, Blue fast learned to have confidence in himself and the people around him. Blue is the color guard of the blue-colored rainbow.
Bayla (ホワイト?)
Voice Actor: Amamiya Sora
White is a high-spirited and cheerful color guard from Skyriver. White seems to love nothing more than the serene beauty of the colors that can be found on earth. She likes to think about the bigger meaning behind nature. Despite that, White also loves having fun very much. She seems to like tease others just to see how they react. White is the color guard of the silver-colored rainbow, that has the power of the white color.
Rosa (ピンク?)
Voice Actor: Morohoshi Sumire
Pink is a quite clumsy, yet energetic color guard from Skyriver. Despite having a cute personality, Pink is actually a big klutz. She tends to lose things easlily or accidentally spoils other people's secrets. However, she usually regrets it afterwards and always promises to work on herself. Pink also seems to have problems with accepting herself or her mistakes. Pink is the color guard of the pink-colored rainbow.
Ione (パープル?)
Voice Actor: Kobayashi Aika
Pink is a very responsible color guard from Skyriver, who always tries her best to cheer the people around her up. Even though Purple tends to think pessimistically most of the time, she tries to stay positive about everything, even if it's hard sometimes. She can also be pretty strict, especially when it comes to being a color guard. Purple sometimes sees herself in charge for the Rainbow Pact. Purple is the color guard of the purple-colored rainbow.

Supporting Mains

Nobumoto Rosuke (信本郎助?)
Voice Actor: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu
Rosuke, actually called "Loo", is a free-spirited and pretty flippant boy from a different world, who likes to tease the people around him. Even though it appears like he has got no respect towards others, he is actually very loyal towards those he trusts. Besides his careless attidute and that he likes getting into fights, he also likes calm things like reading books. He helps the girls with their duties as Guardian Angels.
Takagi Chris (高樹クリス?)
Voice Actor: Sasanuma Akira
Chris is a bright and open high school student who seems loves streetdance. He's got a quite outgoing personality and seems to have no problem with adapting to new things. Besides his quite care-free nature, Chris dreams of becoming a well-known photographer one day. Even though he is usually very kind, Chris can also be quite strict sometimes. Chris' full name is Yoiki Chrysoberly.
Akabayashi Robin (赤林ろびん?)
Voice Actor: Ogame Asuka
Robin is the younger twin sister of Ruby, who is the polar opposite of Ruby. Robin enjoys designing and tends to design her own dresses. Since she was little, Robin has always enjoyed designing clothes. It didn't even matter to her, who the person was to wear her clothes. When she was younger, she always thought up her and Ruby's halloween costumes, which always fit their personality.
Kisaragi Yumi (如月夕美?)
Voice Actor: Inoue Marina
Yumi is a confident and calm girl, who sometimes appears to be rather rude towards others. However, she never tries to be rude but only wants to state her opinion. She despises anything that is considered as "girly" and likes to go her own way. Yumi is known to enjoy dancing and especially loves street dancing. Despite having troubles with them at first, Yumi always supports the Guardian Angels.


Eternal Darkness

Catastrophe (カタストロフ?)
Voice Actor: Terasoma Masaki
Catastrophe is the primary antagonist of the Guardian Angels Of The Sky series. He was originally known was "eternal darkness" until the humans of ancient times gave him his current name. Castrophe once used to rule over any world, including earth and Skyriver, but has been defeated by the legendary Angel of light. Since then Catastrophe has tried to regain his powers until he returned to earth. His return awakened the power of the Guardian Angels.


Halo (ハロウ?)
Voice Actor: Fujiwara Keiji
Halo is a veteran elite warrior of Kamon, of whom it’s said that he was very loyal towards Catastrophe and obeyed any of its orders. Halo is a serious and strict elite warrior who doesn’t accept any failure, even if it was him who has failed. He has always trying to be the perfect warrior, who’d do everything to please his master’s moods.
Brank (ブランク?)
Voice Actor: Hiyama Nobuyuki
Brank is a veteran elite warrior, who part time worked as a teacher at a normal Kamonian school before he left Kamon and came to earth. He used to teach the students in the subjects of philosophy, arts and math, and even though he was considered as a strict teacher, most of his students liked him and regularly came to ask him for help if they had troubles understanding something.
Loo (ロオ?)
Voice Actor: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu
Loo is a young warrior student, who basically doesn't have the required qualifications to come to earth in the first place. Yet, as he desired to change the unknown destiny of his two younger sisters, he managed to persuade the superior forces of Kamon to take him with them.
Voide (ボイデ?)
Voice Actor: Koyasu Takehito
Voide is a loyal and strong, yet pretty young elite warrior. He was promoted from S-ranked warrior to an elite when he was merely 22-years-old. Even though Voide has a calm nature, he has got a real short temper and gets annoyed or angry incredible fast. Even though his young age, Voide is usually very strict and serious towards others.
Taim (タイム?)
Voice Actor: Yanada Kiyoyuki
Taim is a veteran elite warrior from Kamon, who has been an elite at least for the past 30 years. Besides being a warrior, Taim also works as a Mentor at a Kamonian warrior’s campus. Even though he’s known to be one of the strictest mentors, Taim seems to have a laid back attitude without caring much about what his students or fellow warriors do around him.
Brek (ブレーキ?)
Voice Actor: Itō Shizuka
Brek is the eldest child of a very powerful family from Kamon. With only 19 years, Brek is the youngest elite warrior of Kamonian military forces. As an elite warrior, she came to earth in order to take the world's light and to replace it with darkness. Ever since she was a child, Brek has had a big pride and an even bigger ego.
Dolores (ドロレス?)
Voice Actor: Inoue Kikuko
Dolores is Brek's self-proclaimed right hand. She's been created by Brek's rage that was set free as the Guardian Angels used their heavenly powers to defeat her. Dolores reached out to her "mistress", to save her from being swallowed by the light of the rainbow. After that, Dolores hid Brek in the old mansion, which the eternal darkness used to reside and cared for her until she had finally recovered.
Onyx (オニキス?)
Voice Actor: Inoue Marina
Onyx is the corrupted alter ego of Kisaragi Yumi. Onyx was defeated by Guardian Angel Pompière in episode 85. Onyx also has the power to release her true potential, which is known as True Color of Onyx (オニキスの正体?).
Averill (アベリル?)
Voice Actor: Takagaki Ayahi
Averill was the final 'marionette' to be created by Brek and Dolores. Averill has an appearance of a pre-teen and a very outgoing personality. Yet, Averill seems to be very dangerous as she seems to enjoy hurting others.
Shyama (シャイアマ?)
Voice Actor: Saitou Chiwa
Shyama was the first marionette created by Brek and Dolores. Brek intended Shyama to be a dark alter ego to the Guardian Angels, which resulted in Shyama refering to herself as dark magical girl. Shyama considers herself as the only true magical girl and is determined to prove the Guardian Angels that they are not worthy facing her.
Francis (フランシス?)
Voice Actor: Orikasa Fumiko
Francis is a seemingly genderless marionette, which uses the pronouns "they" and "them". They seem to be a cold warrior who does whatever they are told to do. Francis is loyal towards Brek and only towards her.
Yakyoku (ヤキョク?)
Voice Actor: Hosoya Yoshimasa
Yakyoku is a magician of Rainbow Harmony, who wields the power of the night. His power source is the musical work that deals with the evening or the night. He used to use his powers to support his kingdom but after he had been betrayed, Yakyoku started using his powers against the well-being of the Rainbow Harmony.
Requiem (レクイエム?)
Voice Actor: Okitsu Kazuyuki
Requiem is a tune of harmony who comes from the Harmony Heaven. After he has been awakened, he turned into a cursed tune and can now control the power of spirits. Requiem soon decided to follow his own path instead of supporting Yakyoku.
Serenade (セレナーデ?)
Voice Actor: Kouda Mariko
Serenade is a woman of average height with periwinkle blue colored hair. She used to be a tune of harmony of and came from the Harmony Heaven. However, she and the other tunes have been awakened by Yakyoku and are now known as cursed tunes. Serenade controlls the power of water.
Bolero (ボレロ?)
Voice Actor: Nojima Hirofumi
Bolero is a fiery person, who originally was a tune of harmony coming from the Harmony Heaven. However, he and the other tunes have been awakened by Yakyoku and are now known as cursed tunes. Bolero was sent to Skyriver as the others attacked earth. he controlls the power of fire.
Minuet (メヌエット?)
Voice Actor: Tanaka Atsuko
Minuet is a cursed tune, who controls the power of the forest. Minuet is appears to be a peaceful flower girl. Unlike the other cursed tunes, Minuet only fights when it is needed. She tends to use her Daramas to help once her friends screwed up. Minuet is quite melancholic.
Lullaby (ララバイ?)
Voice Actor: Hidaka Rina
Lullaby is a playful child, who used to be a tune of harmony but is now known as one of the cursed tunes. She usually attacks the angels from their dreams. She resides inside the Palace of Dreams, a place she has created with her powers. She controlls the power of dreams.
Karalas (カララス?)
Voice Actor: Yamaji Kazuhiro
Karalas is a villain appearing in Of The Light. Karalas is one of the last warriors of Catastrophe, who was created to conquer earth. Even though Karalas says about himself to have no emotions or feelings, he seems to feel fun and also seems to enjoy this feeling.
Mayonaka (マヨナカ?)
Voice Actor: Tominaga Miina
Mayonaka is a villain appearing in Of The Light. She claims herself to be the impersonification of the middle of the night. She has a big ego and it seems like she can't stand the Guardian Angels. Mayonaka seems to like no one besides herself and Catastrophe.
Dokuhebi (ドクヘビ?)
Voice Actor: Nojima Hirofumi
Dokuhebi is a villain appearing in Of The Light. Dokuhebi is a malicious creature, who seems to enjoy seeing others in pain more than being interested in supporting Catastrophe. He is quite arrogant and thinks the others in his unit are useless compared to him.
Sazakana (サザカナ?)
Voice Actor: Yabusaki Aoi
Sazakana is a villain appearing in Of The Light. She is a playful person, who uses violence to have fun. She feels attached to the water and wonders how life beyond the surface might be. Sazakana appears to be spaced out sometimes. Sazakana wields a spear than looks like a gigant coral.
Anima (アニマ?)
Voice Actor: Tobita Nobuo
Anima is a villain appearing in Of The Light. He is known as the soul of nightmares and can see through people's eyes. He has the power to see the people's greatest fears and uses them to defeat whoever gets in their way. Anima only speaks highly of Catastrophe and seems to see him as a god-like creature.

Movie Villains

Marcasite (マーカサイト?)
Voice Actor: Ono Kenichi
Marcasite is a main character of the movie Holidays at Skyriver. He is a monster, who attacks the angels. He attacked the guardian angels out of the water and captured Sapphire. Marcasite is an ancient monster of Skyriver, who has attacked the lands many years ago. Marcasite is a demon of water, who controls the power of liquid waves.
Tanbaga (タンバガー?)
Voice Actor: Sakaguchi Daisuke
Tanbaga is a main character of the movie Holidays at Skyriver. He is a monster, who attacks the angels. He attacked the Guardian Angels out of the forest and captured Ruby. Tanbaga is a demon of forest, who controls the plants growing in the ground of green earth.
Agate (アゲート?)
Voice Actor: Nakajima Saki
Agate is the older sister of Nephrite, the current queen of the kingdom of Precosia. In the past, Agate lived peacefully together with her sister. However, when her sister, instead of her, became to the new queen, Agate fell in despair and turned into the witch the former warriors of Precosia fought and lost against.
Ironbach (アイロン?)
Voice Actor: Ōkawa Tōru
Ironbach is an evil sorcerer who used to live in the kingdom of Precosia until he was banned from the kingdom and had to leave. Over the past centuries he seeked for a chance to get his revenge. He finally found an opportunity when Agate fell into despair after losing the throne to her sister.


Katahowa (カタホワ?)
The Katahowa are a special type of monsters which may only be used by those who are chosen to be Kamon's most powerful elite warriors. Even though the Katahowa power is primary a neutral power, it was created from the deepest dark and is usually used in order to get rid of the colors of the rainbow, which are filled with dreams and hope.
Fairy Tale Curse (物語呪い?)
The Fairy Tale Curses are fairytales, that were cursed by the Elite Warriors of Kamon, in order to defeat the Guardian Angels. Each fairytale curse has it's own element, it's own side-dimension and their own centered Angel.
Decxious (デカシアウズ?)
The Decxious are a newly created race of monsters, whose purpose it is to destroy the colorful and illuminated powers of the eight Guardian Angels of the Sky. The Decxious are the type of monsters that are used by Brek and her followers to spread the power of darkness and to fight the Angels at the same time.
Aruniente (ダラマ?)
The Arunienteare monsters of silence, who have the power to erase any sound and any noise from any place. The Aruniente are mainly used by those who used to be the pieces of harmony, today known as the corrupted tunes of silenzio.
Armageddon (ハルマゲドン?)
The Armageddon is a race of monsters, which serve no one else but the eternal darkness itself. The Armageddon are terminal monsters, whose purpose is to gather the endless power of darkness, which shall strengthen the personification of darkness, to prepare it for the final battle between the forces of good and evil.

Supporting Characters

Supporting Fairies

Ange (アンジュ?)
Voice Actor: Ogura Yui
Ange is a fairy of hope, who originates from the Château d'Hope, a place which is filled with hope. Ange was assigned to guard the Guardian Angels during their fight and lend them the light of hope stored inside her heart. However, Ange seems to lack the necessary confidence and doesn't fully believe in the light of hope herself.
Jazlyn (ジャズリン?)
Voice Actor: Ozora Naomi
Jazlyn is a pixie of harmony who originates from the Oratorium, a place born from the sound of music. Jazlyn came to earth after the tunes of harmony have been corrupted by a dark power. Jazlyn seems to be a happy-go-lucky pixie who sometimes can't hold back her excitement.

Family Members

Akabayashi Ayane (赤林綾音?) - Akabayashi Ayane is the mother of the Akabayashi twins, who works at the restaurant owned by her husband, called Vermilion Sparrow. Ayane is usually considered as the calm spot of the family, who is always trying to keep a calm and friendly aura around the family.
Akabayashi Daisuke (赤林大輔?) - Daisuke is Akabayashi Rubi and Robin's father, who is the current owner of a family restaurant called Vermilion Sparrow. Daisuke, even though he is rarely seen, seems to be a strict, yet amiable person. Daisuke prefers to stay away from hectic situations and usually thinks optimistically.
Yuuki Tomone (優黄ともね?) - Tomone is Ririan's mother. Even though Tomone is actually the former chef of a traditional Japanese restaurant, she's mostly seen to work with living animals nowadays. Tomone hopes that Ririan one day finds her own dream she'd like to chase.
Yuuki Utsugi (優黄ウツギ?) - Utsugi is Ririan's father, who owns the horse ranch she lives and works at. Because of being its owner, Utsugi takes care for the financial stuff of the ranch as well as advertising the ranch, while Ririan likes to help him with that. He also seems to really love animals and did probably grow up with them.
Yuuki Kazuki (優黄一輝?) - Kazuki is Ririan's older brother who died when he was merely two years old. According to Ririan's parents, Kazuki suffered from some unknown of sickness which eventually costs him his life. Since Kazuki died, Utusgi and Tomone have been worried that the same might happen to Ririan and are extra worried about her.
Tachibana Hanae (立花華恵?) - Hanae is Amber's aunt whom she lives with since she was about ten years old. Hanae owns the bakery Tropica in Hisakata. Hanae is the mother-like figure towards Amber. She gives her advices and cares for her a lot.
Tachibana Hinata (立花陽向?) - Hinata is an artist, who is Amber's mother. She lives in the downtown of Hisakata, but due to her job, she can't really care for Amber. Yet due to her work and since she has to travel a lot, Hinata is unable to care for Amber like a mother should.
Tachibana Kenshin (立花剣心?) - Kenshin is Amber's father who works as a pilot and is hardly at home to see his family. He works as a pilot for a well known Japanese airline. Due to his job, he hardly gets to see his family and hasn't been in Hisakata for a while.
Minotori Hima (実鳥陽真?) - Hima is Ema's older sister. Even though the two sisters are three years apart, the two usually get along very well. When they were younger, they used to practice ballet together, until Ema stopped to dance and got interested in soccer.
Minotori Sakura (実鳥さくら?) - Sakura is Ema and Hima's mother, who is usually at home, preparing food and generally caring for the family. In the past, Sakura used to be a figure skater. But due to a terrble injury, Sakura was forced to quit being a skater.
Minotori Isamu (実鳥勇?) - Isamu is Ema and Hima's father who works as a local sport reporter for a well-known channel in Hisakata downtown. Among the reporters of his channel, Isamu is probably the most known reporter all across Hisakata. Due to his reports, it's possible to assume that Isamu really love sports.
Aoba Yukio (蒼波由紀夫?) - Yukio is Sapphie's older brother, who seemingly enjoys to tease, if not even annoy, his younger sister. Yukio is a slightly rebellious musician who loves playing the keyboard. He and some high school friends of his have even formed a band.
Aoba Skye (蒼波スカイ?) - kye is Sapphie and Yukio's, mother who originally comes from the United States. Skye works as an entertainer who works hard to help the poorer people all around the world. Even though she rarely appears on TV, she is vers successful with what she's doing.
Aoba Kaito (蒼波海翔?) - Kaito is Sapphie and Yukio's father, who works as a high ranked police officer and has usually stay late at work. He is a responsible and seemingly very strict person. However due to his job, he's hardly seen taking care of his children or barely spending time with them.
Amashiro Kumiko (天代久美子?) - Kiyomi is Kiyomi's grandmother, and Amashiro Hiroto's mother. Since Kiyomi's parents are required to travel a lot for their jobs, Kiyomi lives with Kumiko most of the times. Kumiko cares for Kiyomi most of the time. In the past, Kumiko worked as nurse, which today helps her to take care for Kiyomi.
Amashiro Chinatsu (天代ちなつ?) - Chinatsu is Kiyomi's mother. She works as a professional photographer, who has to travel around the world a lot. Chinatsu is a famous photographer, who is admired by many people, especially over seas but is also the great role model of Takagi Chris.
Amashiro Hiroto (天代大翔?) - Hiroto is Kiyomi's father and the second born son of Amashiro Kumiko. Hiroto, as well as his wife Chinatsu, are rarely seen in Hisakata, since both of them have to travel a lot because of their jobs. Hiroto works as an archaeologist and hasn't been in Hisakata since early 2013.
Momozaki Natsuko (桃崎なつこ?) - Natsuko is Rikka's older sister, who just graduated from High School. She acts a little bit like Rikka's boss and can even tell her Manager, Matsuoka Katsuo what to do. Natsuko might seem harsh but is actually just worried about her younger sister.
Momozaki Manami (桃崎真奈美?) - Manami is Rikka and Natsuko's mother, who used to work for a newspaper that is sold all across Japan back when they still lived in Tokyo. However, as her family had to move to Hisakata, Manami quit her old job and now workds for an online newspaper.
Momozaki Takumi (桃崎たくみ?) - Takumi is Rikka and Natsuko's father. While he lived in Tokyo with his family, Takumi worked as a scientist for several years. However, his work slowly caused him health problems and he had to quit his job. In addition, he and his family moved away from Tokyo.
Itou Asuka (伊藤明日花?) - Asuka was the youngest child of Itou Ayumu and Itou Haruna, and was Ami's younger sister. Asuka and Ami were about two years apart. About a year ago, Asuka and her and Ami's mother died in a car accident. She was very close to her older sister.
Itou Haruna (伊藤春名?) - Haruna was the mother of Ami and Asuka. About a year ago, Haruna and Asuka had died in a car accident. Before she died, Haruna was a story book author, who wrote almost any kind of stories. She wrote dramas, novels but also children's books.
Itou Ayumu (伊藤歩夢?) - Ayumu is Ami and Asuka's father, as well as Itou Haruna's husband. After his wife and the little Asuka died in a car accident, Ayumu is the only family that Ami's got left. Yet, the two don't seem to have a very family-like relationship. Ayumu owns a car repair shop in Hisakata.
Charlie (チャーリー?) - Charlie is a Dalmatian puppy owned by Itou Ami and her father. Charlie is sometimes considered as the "glue" that holds the family together. While Ayumu originally was against keeping the dog, he soon allowed Ami to keep him. Since then, Charlie has been an official part of their family.
Miyazato Akira (宮里あきら?) - Akira is Akabayashi Rubi and Robin's cousin who currently lives in Kyoto. In the past, Akira and his family lived in Hisakata, just like the Akabayashi family. However, one day, his family had to move and Rubi and Robin hardly got to see Akira anymore.
Melika (メリーカ?) - Melika is Rikka's cousin who lives in Hawaii and is a world wide known songstress and actress. Despite living in a modern world, Melika loves traditional food, clothing, etc., and is hardly ever seen in fashionate clothings. Melika is Rikka's great role model and the reason she became an idol herself.
Aziz (アジズ?) - Aziz is Loo's father, who lives along with his wife Kalena, and their daughters Kalliope and Kallisto in Kamon, the world Loo originates from. Due to his very gentle, yet a little strict attitude, Loo tends to describe him as a gentleman. Aziz is an honest and usually very gentle person.
Kalena (カレナ?) - Kalena is Loo's mother, who is a lovely and nice woman. Loo personally would describe her as annoying as she always checks is he's unhurt or cares for his injuries right after she had spotted them. She always wants to make sure that her son is alright.
Kallisto (カリスト?) - Kallisto is Loo's younger sister, and also Kalliope's twin sister. Kallisto is an energetic and slightly stubborn young girl, who usually spends time with her twin sister. She likes the thoughts of experiencing her "own adventures" and likes exploring the world. Kallisto is very curious and likes to talk a lot.
Kalliope (カリオペ?) - Kalliope is Loo's younger sister, and also Kallisto's twin sister. Kalliope is a calm and collected young girl, who likes to learn more and more about the things surrounding her. She shows some interest in other worlds, yet, she is way more interested in Kamon and all of its mysteriouses.

Friends And Classmates

Kawabata Yuuka (川端ユウカ?) - Yuuka is the best friend of Akabayashi Rubi. The two have been friends since their childhood. Much like Rubi, Yuuka has a fiery and athletic personality. Until their first year in middle school, both used to play on the same basketball team.
Asakura Ikumi (朝倉いくみ?) - Ikumi is the outgoing and slightly hyper active best friend of Akabayashi Robin. She and Robin share a lot of their passions. They especially share their passion for fashion and both aspire of becoming a fashion designer one day.
Sumeragi Nagisa (皇なぎさ?) - Nagisa is a childhood friend of Akbayasahi Rubi and her sister Robin. When they were younger, the three were known to spend much time with each ohter. However, when the girls transferred into middle school, Nagisa enrolled to a far away private academy for talented artists.
Yoshida Hideaki (吉田秀明?) - Hideaki, usually referred as Yoshida-san, is the current student council president of the Southern Lights Academy. It seems like he's got a big ego, yet likes to make jokes about others and even himself. Yoshida-san has so far always been trying to become friends with Loo, who, however, considers him as annoying.
Ichinose Sayaka (一之瀬さやか?) - Sayaka is a young idol, who is part of the idol unit Juicy, along with her close friend Momozaki Rikka. Besides being an idol, Sayaka also works as an actress and has already played many major roles. After Rikka moved to Hisakata, their idol unit has been put on a hiatus.
Yotsuba Anne (四葉アン?) - Anne is a young girl in Ami’s, age who is pretty shy and apparently has no real confidence in herself. Much like Ami, Anne enjoys writing and making up her mind to create new stories, which she really loves. However, she has never considered of turning her ideas into actual stories.
Matsuoka Katsuo (松岡勝雄?) - Matsuoka is the manager of the popular idol unit Juicee, which automatically makes him the manager of the idols Momozaki Rikka and Ichinose Sayaka. Despite of being a reliable manager, Matsuoka seems to be slightly confused most of the time.
Terada Yota (寺田陽太?) - Terada Yota is a student of Arco Iris High School, who seems to be pretty arrogant and always tries to be the "best student" among the school. Yota formerly attended the Nishiyama Middle School and it appears like he was in the same class as Takagi Chris.
Makoto Masaru (真まさる?) - Masaru is the current leader of the Hisakata Torigoe Theater Group. While his parents want Masaru to take over the company one day and even force him to attend university to reach their dreams, Masaru desires to stand on stage and perform. His true passion is the theater.
Toyama Kyoko (東山京子?) - Kyoko is an upperclass student attending the Arco Iris High School. She attends the same class as Momozaki Rikka, the popular junior idol. Since Kyoko has suffered from an accident during her summer holidays, she had missed out most of the classes during the last year and had to repeat the class.
Toyama Ayumi (東山あゆみ?) - Ayumi is the younger sibling of Kyoko. Ayumi is a shy girl who has problems with holding back her tears. She has always wished to spend her school days with her sister but since she has graduated already, Ayumi feels a little lonely.
Minase Reina (水瀬レイナ?) - Reina is a first year student attending the Arco Iris High School. She only makes minor appearances in the background and is seen becoming friends with Toyama Ayumi, a fellow student of hers. Reina is seen to have a tsundere character and has problems to talk with others.
Hirose Minami (廣瀬みなみ?) - Hirose Minami is a young girl attending the Arco Iris High School. Minami is an average, yet terribly shy and introvert person who has problems approaching others. Minami seems to have a crush on Nobumoto Rosuke but doesn't have the courage to talk to him.
Kiela (キィーラ?) - Kiela is a healer from Kamon, whose family lives right across the street of Loo's family. Despite being a healer, Kiela is a quite strict and a little bit stubborn person, who has many times refused to heal those of whom she thinks they may never learn from their mistakes.
Ryza (リィザ?) - Ryza is a young adult living in Kamon, who happens to be Voide's younger sister. Ryza is an eager girl, who is said to have a fiery personality and always states her honest opinion. Ryza knows and likes to joke about the fact that Voide has never been happy that Ryza turned out to be a girl.
Aihara Shizuki (相原しずき?) - Shizuki is a student attending the Nishiyama Middle School and seems to attend the same class as Itou Ami. Even though only little is known about Shizuki, see seems to be a good friend of Ami. Shizuki seems to adore animals and may even be a little jealous on Ami for owning a dog like Charlie

Additional Characters

Katsuragi Ryota (葛城涼太?)
Katsuragi Ryota is a good friend of Aoba Yukio. Yukio and Ryota have probably known each other since pre-elementary school and it appears like they are very close. Yukio, Ryota and some others of their friends have formed a band, which is still very popular around Hisakata.
Nishimura Miki (西村美姫?)
Nishimura Miki is a guitarit who works for the idol unit Juicy. Even though Miki is a part of the Juicy-Team, when the unit went on hiatus, Miki stayed alongside Rikka's side. Miki seems to be a pretty silent character who puts all her heart and soul into the music she loves so much.
Watanabe Yuta (渡辺裕太?)
Watanabe Yuta is a young guitarist, who joined Momozaki Rikka's band. Rikka formed the band some time after her unit Juicy went on hiatus. Yuta, who seems to be about the same age as Rikka, seems to be pretty confident and has always dreamt of joining a real band one day. Yuta, despite his age, takes the role of the lead guitarist.
Oshiro Hiroshi (大城博?)
Oshiro Hiroshi is a former child actor, who now is part of Rikka's newly formed band. He takes the part of the drummer in the band and has formerly worked with Rikka during a television short movie. Hiroshi is one of the few people who call Rikka with her given name.
Hamasaki Shouta (浜崎章大?)
Hamasaki Shouta is the keyboarder of Rikka's band. He is about the same age as Nishimura Miki and has formerly been working for another semi-popular band who dispanded just recently. He is a very talented person who also seems to be very kind and worries about everyone all the time.
Misaki (美咲さん?)
Misaki is a pretty well-known publisher who is related to the manager Matsuoka Katsuo.Misaki is known to seek for new potential in new writers. Just recently she got some interest in some of Itou Ami's works and even offered her to publish her newest story.
Timy (ティミー?)
Timy, whose actual name is Timothy, is a public figure, who is mentioned throughout the series. He is usually described as a kind hearted person, who likes to entertain people. Many people all around the world look up to him and love his songs. In the series, Sapphie is the one to talk about him or refer to things related to him.
Prince Pomelo (ポメロ王子?)
Prince Pomelo is the prince that arrives to save Rapunzel from being trapped inside the tower. However, instead of Rapunzel, he finds Ririan being sucked into the plot and seemingly deeply falls in love with her instead. Having the typical prince role of a fairytale, Pomelo fights his way through to save Ririan.
Gothel (ゴーテル?)
Gothel is an antagonist of Ririan's fairytale adventure. Despite the actual character of the fairytale, the Gothel that appears in Ririan's version seems not to be actual evil. She was rather controlled by Brank, who used the story line of the fairytale to trap one of the Angels.

Under Another Moonlight

The movie Guardian Angels Of The Sky: Under Another Moonlight! features new characters that have rarely made an appearance in the original series. Most of these characters originate from Kamon:
Kori (コリ?) - Kori is a young Kamonian who chose being a warrior as his speciality. Kori has quite problems with learning and fighting. He idolizes Loo as his "master" and was the first unofficial member of Arke So Narum. He wants to be taught fighting by Loo.
Ruha (ルーハ?) - Ruha is a teenager from Kamon, who currently attends the Elements Academy, which future protectors of life have to attend. Ruha is a kind hearted girl, who loves to listen to other people's problems. She is seen a lot with her best friend Teres, who attends a warrior's school in Kamon.
Teres (テレス?) - Teres is a young, yet very passionate warrior student who wants to prove the whole world that she's the best. She is stubborn and much of a tomboy. Teres hates losing and always does her best. In the past, she had been one of Loo's bullies and she even today isn't too fond of him being around her.
Jaron (ヤロン?) - Jaron is an inhabitant of Kamon, who, on first sight appears to be a strict and very stiff person. However, Jaron is actually a nice and understanding person who thinks like most Kamonians. He despises any kind of fights and would have preferred it if the former elite warriors of Kamon have never left to attack earth.
Philosophy Mentor (アキワックス?) - Loo's Philosophy Mentor who has been teaching him and his class in philosophy since the day they chose to become warriors. He teaches at the Technical Academy in the main community in Kamon. He was the one to tell Loo that a true love's voice can be heared anywhere.