The Fairy Crystal Wands (フェアリークリスタルワンド Fearī kurisutaru wando?), also known as Crystal Wands, are magical wands appearing in the series. The Crystal Wands have their debut in Towards the Sky! Spring Vacations at the Rainbow Country's Wonder Forest! and appeared in the series after that. Besides being movie items, the Crystal Wands also appear in Guardian Angels Of The Light.


The Crystal Wands are known to carry little lights of hope and support the chosen angelic warriors. The Crystal Wands allow humans to summon the Door of the Sky at the coast of Hisakata. The bridge leads the humans to the magical worlds like Skyriver. Servants of the royal family, like Beryl and Turquoise are able to create their own Miracle Lights


During their debut, in Holidays at Skyriver, the Crystal Wands have proven that they can support and even power up the Guardian Angels. However, the power of the Crystal Wands only work when the warriors seem to be in danger. Along with the Tiara of Skyriver, the Crystal Wands granted the Angels the power to transform into Super Guardian Angels.

In Legend of the Rainbow Jewels, the Fairy Crystal Wands were fused with the powers of the Rainbow Jewels of the Houseki Kingdom. After the spirits of the former warriors of the kingdom appwared before the angels, the girls were granted a new power up. This power up was called Precious Angels.[1]

The Crystal Wands further appear in Bon Voyage! The Path to Kamon's Future!, the final movie of the series.[2] In the beginning of the movie, the girls used the Crystal Wands, which they were given in Holidays at Skyriver, to summon the Rainbow Bridge to get to Kamon.[3]

The Crystal Wands have their last appearance in Guardian Angels Of The Light, in the final episode of the season. Robin, in order to calm herself down, steals the Crystal Wand Loo carryied with him, when the angels fought Catastrophe.


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  3. Their further use is unknown as the movie is not finished yet.