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Guardian Angels Of The Sky: The Tale of Carmine
Sukai no shugo mitsukai: Kāmain no monogatari
General Information
Release dateAugust 2014
Writer(s)Yousei A. Sina
Artist(s)Yousei A. Sina
Publisher(s)FSprite Media

Guardian Angels Of The Sky: The Tale of Carmine is a special story of the Guardian Angels Of The Sky Manga Series. The manga is based on the 9th episode of Angels Of The Stars. The manga tells the story of the Guardian Angle of glitter, Angelic Carmine. The manga was released in August 2014 by FSprite Media.


  • Akahane Robin - The main heroine of this story. Robin is a really fashionable young girl. Robin has the power to transform into the pretty warrior Angelic Carmine.
  • Pikara - The little creature that gave Robin the power to transform into Angelic Carmine.
  • Cardinal Rouge Kiraimée - The crown princess of the Himawari palace of the Sunlight Kingdom.


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