Towards the Sky! Spring Vacations at the Rainbow Country's Wonder Forest! (映画スカイの守護み使い:大空へ!春休みでナナ色国のふしぎ森!?) is the movie produced for Guardian Angels Of The Sky, the first season of the series.

Towards the Sky! Spring Cacations at the Rainbow Country's Wonder Forest! premiered in the Japanese cinemas on March 30, 2014 and was released on DVD and Blu-Ray in October of the same year.



It's the last week in March and there are only a few days left until the new school year starts on April 1st, when the girls receive a strange, yet intersting letter coming from... where??

Dear chosen warriors of the sky,
Me and my brother Turquoise are apprentices at the royal court of the Country of Rainbows. Right now, we are working at the Door of the Sky and have been told to send you this letter. It is a formal invitation requested by the crown princess of Skyriver. The Princess invites all of you to come and visit our beloved Skyriver. For your stay, we have prepared the beautiful Wonder Forest. We'd be pleased if you followed this invitation.

Bery and Turquoise, apprentices of the royal court

Following the invation, the girls, accompanied by Robin and Loo, head to the Door of the Sky, were they meet Beryl and Turquoise, the two who wrote the letter. As they arrive at the Wonder Forest, they agree to stay a few days - spending their last days of spring vacation in Skyriver. However, as the group enjoys their third day in Skyriver, something suspicious happens. A dark power seems to control the place and has swallowed the existence of some of the Guardian Angels! In order to rescue their friends, the remaining Angels have to fight an ancient power who has terriorized the Country of Rainbows in ancient times!!


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  • The movie's story is based on a dream Yotsuba Anne had once.