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Sky Pretty Cure (スカイプリキュア Sukai Purikyua?) is the first season of the Series. The season tells about six girls becoming the legendary warriors of the sky to fight the evil that is trying to destroy all colors of the world. The story includes besides a lot of funny scenes and discussions also romantic and parallel universes. Sky Pretty Cure is also the processor to Sky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Star~. The season shares their main themes with the series itself, which are colors, jewels and the sky.


Catastrophe, a known sorcerer of darkness brings his powers to the colorful worlds. After the land of rainbows has been destroyed by his power, the royal family of Skyriver ends six fairies of the rainbow to earth. These fairies are told to find the ones, that can fight the power of darkness, known as Pretty Cure. However, to prevent this, Catastrophe has sent his forces to earth as well to capture the fairies of the rainbow before they can find Pretty Cure. Scarlet, the first fairy that lands on earth, looks for the red flame when she was attacked by a force of darkness...!



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