The Heavenly Compact (天空のコンパクト?) is a mythical item that plays an important romance in the first season of the series. The Heavenly Compact is a compact-like item, which stores the powers of the tears of the Sky, which turned into crystals and are now known as the Rainbow Tears. Over countless centuries, however, the majority of the Rainbow Tears went missing and are presumably spread somewhere around the planet earth.

Powers and Abilities

The primary use of the Heavenly Compact is to store the power of the Rainbow Tears, which are said to originate from the tears the legendary angel has cried when she had to leave the world of light and rainbows. During its debut season, however, the compact has lost a big amount of this power. So before the Angels could use the powers of the compact to fight the eternal darkness, they have to collect the missing tears. As soon as the power of the tears has returned to the compact, the Guardian Angels are granted the power of the crystals of the sky, known as the Heaven Crystal, which were also empowered by their Prism Brilliants.

At the end of season one, the Heavenly Compact returned to Skyriver along with the Guardians of the Rainbows. During its time back at the capital of rainbows, the compact slightly changed and would soon carry new powers the Guardian Angels had no idea of.

Starry Compact

Rainbow Pact J

The Starry Compact

The Starry Compact (星空コンパクト?) is the new and more powerful form of the Heavenly Compact, which it gained during the time at Skyriver after the angels defeated the eternal darkness. The Compact now also carries the powers of the the stars and allows to two more chosen girls to transform into the Guardian Stars.


The Starry Compact has a variety of new attacks, and is a lot stronger compared to the Heavely Compact. As the Rainbow Tears still sleep inside the the compact, the Starry Compact doesn't sonly carry the power of the stars but also the powers of the rainbow. With the Starry Compact, Rikka and Ami have the ability to transform into the Guardian Stars if they shout "Twin Angel・Inject!". During their first transformation, the Starry Compact splits in two, creating a transformation device for each of the Guardian Stars.


  • The official Japanese name of the Starry Compact means "starry sky".