Loo (Kamonian Font Loo) is an antagonist of the Guardian Angels Of The Sky series, who had his debut in Guardian Angels Of The Sky, the first season of the series.

Loo is a young warrior student, who basically doesn't have the required qualifications to come to earth in the first place. Yet, as he desired to change the unknown destiny of his two younger sisters, he managed to persuade the superior forces of Kamon to take him with them.

As of episode 24, Loo's living with the guardian angels as normal human on earth, with the name Nobumoto Rosuke (信本郎助?).

Character Information

Loo’s a pretty stubborn, yet very out going boy from Kamon. Due to his flippant he tends to get in fights with others, even if they are a lot older than he is. Since he’s been young, Loo’s always been trying to prove himself, as well as his powers and his non-magical abilities. Even though he might not realize it, Loo’s quite known around his community[1] for both, his stubborn attitude, and for being born with a rare phenomenon, that only happens to a few children.

Loo has got a free-spirited nature, who doesn’t like to follow rules and no matter what he does, he tends to hurt himself a lot – even without noticing it. Despite what some people tell about him, Loo’s very skilled in fighting, no matter if it’s brawling or swords fight.

Loo is the first born son of a well known family living at the main community. He’s got two sisters, who are both eight years younger than he is. His mother used to be a chef, while his father works as Protector of Lives. His best friend is Voide, an elite warrior, who is ten years younger than him, and has always been looking out of Loo.

Nobumoto Rosuke

Main article: Nobumoto Rosuke

As of episode 24 Loo started living on earth, along with Amashiro Kiyomi, a girl from Feather Castletown, who’s also one of the Guardian Angels. In order to live on earth like any other person, he came up with the name Nobumoto Rosuke for himself – even though Kiyomi did her best to help him. His alias was first mentioned in episode 25.


Zeremk (ゼレメク?) - Zeremk is Loo's family name, which has got a big reputation all around Kamon. According to tales and legends, those who are today known as "Zeremk family" are descendants of those who were the first Kamonians to ever be created. The members of the Zeremk family are said to be the most powerful ones of Kamon. The name comes from the word zeremk, which means "quartz".

Loo (ロオ?) - Loo, which actually is not an actual name itself, comes from the two Kamonian words Lo, meaning "proud", and Onaru meaning "warrior". The name Loo is actually the short form of Lonaru, a very common and far spread Kamonian name for males.


  • Even though he is skilled with any type of weapon, Loo prefers wielding a sword over anything else.


  1. In Kamon, town and villages are considered as “communities”
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