Mizuchi​ Nozomi

Mizuchi Nozomi虯希泉」is a main character of the Beautiful Witches Seasons, who made her first debut in Beautiful Witches Of Earth, the first season of the next gen series.

Nozomi is a hot blooded, yet pretty clumsy tomboy, who gets excited very easily. Nozomi is confident and energetic, always trying to do her best. Her personality is unique, while she appears like the tomboy, cool, leader of a group, she is actually a playful young child. Her alter ego is the Witch of the fire of hope Lil' Witch Phoenix.

Physical Appearance


Nozomi has scarlet red colored hair, which she has tied back into ponytail. When kept open, her hair reaches down to her shoulders, but doesn't surpass them. From time to time, Nozomi has colorful ribbons tied around her ponytail. Nozomi has got deep red colored eyes.


Nozomi's casual clothes consist of a dark red colored hoodie, with the slogan "Italian Summers" written onto it. The hoodie shows to have a white and a blue stripe around its right arm. Above the stripes, there is a big, bright red "B". Nozomi wears a grey-ish blue colored skirt that has two frills layers and appears to be tied together with white colored ribbons. Nozomi wears red tennis shoes which have dark blue trims and some white parts. The shoes are tied together with white laces. She wears white socks which show a dark blue line at the near the trims.

General Information


Nozomi is a pretty typical middle school student. However, her personality is unique, while she appears like the tomboy, cool, leader of a group, she is actually a playful young child. She loves everything that is cute and gets excited very fast. Nozomi is also pretty clumsy and usually hurts herself when she’s doing something she is either not good at or has never done before. However, she always manages to stand up and try again. Nozomi is confident and energetic, always trying to do her best.



Mizuchi - Mizuchi (?) is a Japanese word and can be translated as "young dragon". However, 虯 can also be used as an alternative writing of 蛟 which means "mythical dragon-like beast​", but is also the name of mythical Chinese dragons, such as Jiaolong, a polysemous aquatic dragon in Chinese mythology.[1] Either way, Mizuchi is a reference to Nozomi's alter ego, Lil' Witch Phoenix, who possesses the power of fire.

Nozomi - Nozomi is a Japanese given name, which is closely related with the word nozomu (望む?) "to fish for" or "to hope for". Nozomi's name, however, comes from a combination of the kanjis Nozo (?) meaning "hope", and Mi (?) meaning "spring" or "fountain". Combined, Nozomi means "spring of hope", probably a reference to her power, which is the fire of hope.


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