Nobumoto Rosuke信本郎助」is a supporting main character of the Guardian Angels Of The Sky series, who had his debut in Guardian Angels Of The Sky, the first season of the series.

Nobumoto Rosuke is the alias used by Loo, a Kamonian boy, who is living on earth along with the guardian angels. Rosuke, usually still called "Loo", supports the Guardian Angels in their fight against the forces of darkness and helps them to gather more strength by training their magical and non-magical abilities.

Loo is a teenaged boy, coming from the world of Kamon, who was, before he left his origin to come to earth, training to become a warrior of Kamon's armed forces. However, the moment he was allowed to leave Kamon, he got promoted to a B-ranked warrior.

Personal Information

Basic Statistics

  • Name: Loo Zeremk
  • Alias: Nobumoto Rosuke
  • Birthday: March 18th
  • Zodiac: Pisces
  • Birthplace: Kamon
  • Height: 1.85 m (6″1)
  • Weight: N/A
  • Blood Type: 7 T-AG (Kamonian)
  • Species: (Kamonian) Human
  • Personal Quote: N/A
  • Habit(s): Bringing his life in danger, eating a lot, getting hurt a lot[3]
  • Favorite...
    • Food: Toki, Doki[4], sweets made of and/or consisting vanilla, sandwiches, fruit cakes; cakes in general, any kind of snacks, chocolate
    • Color: Green, blue, black, white
    • Music: None preferred, has no opinion about music in general
    • Freetime activity: Free climbing/running (in nature and cities, cities preferred), sleeping, reading
    • Daytime: Evening, night
    • Weekday: Friday, Saturday, Sunday


Due to his free-spirited and careless attitude, Loo hardly cares about what is to come or what he’ll do in the future. He lives from the literal moment to the other without thinking about possible consequences of this behavior. His desire to become a warrior was fueled by his best friend, who early started to train him in order to protect himself from others who are bullying or even attacking him. However, it is unknown how serious Loo thinks about becoming an actual Kamonian warrior in the future. Since he had first met Amashiro Kiyomi his behavior towards the future has slightly changed. While he still wants his freedom and to live from one moment to another, he deeply hopes that, no matter where he’ll go, Kiyomi will be by his side.


Despite his seemingly fearless nature, Loo’s got serious Aquaphobia, also known as waterfright, which is a term used to describe the abnormal fear of water.[5] When Loo was merely five years old, the community he lived at was flooded by enormous amounts of water. While most of the people were able to get somewhere safe, Loo had been caught by the waves and had almost lost his life if he hadn’t been rescued by his father. Ever since then, Loo was unable to get anywhere close a big amount of water, like lakes or oceans.

General Information


On the first sight, Loo might appear to be a rude person with a short temper. While being stubborn and having that short temper, as well as being sarcastic, if not even sadistic, most of the time, is part of his personality, Loo’s actually a usually gentle and caring person. He has got a careless and very free-spirited nature, which results in him not thinking about danger or caring whether he might get hurt or not. Even though he hardly has got any confidence in any of his abilities or skills, Loo is well aware that he’s got a ‘talent’ for hurting himself. Since he was a child Loo always had to defend himself from other people’s attacks, verbal or non-verbal. Due to this, he usually uses sarcasm, sometimes even sounds sadistic, when he’s talking with others. In addition, Loo seems to enjoy teasing others very much, especially after learning that a person gets offended very fast.

However, aside his flippant behavior, Loo’s also got a whole different side. This one is a lot calmer and also nicer. While he acts cold towards those he is not familiar with or those he doesn’t trust, he’s opened and usually nice towards those he considers as his friends or family. According to others, as soon as Loo has warmed up towards others, it’s easier to get into a neutral conversation with him – without fearing that he might reply with a sarcastic comment, even though that is still likely to happen. Despite he’d never agree to that, Loo’s a pretty big child, who tends to act like a immature child by times and even gets annoyed very fast. Loo also gets embarrassed very fast and hates it when other people, including Kiyomi, call him “cute”, or use that to tease him. Another important part of Loo’s character is his laziness. Despite being very active and enjoying outside activities, Loo also enjoys doing nothing at all. He likes to sleep a lot and gets moody whenever he has to get up early. In addition, Loo hates cleaning, which might be the one very reason why Kiyomi is slightly scared of the thought of what his room at Kamon might look like.


As a child from Kamon, Loo is naturally born with magical abilities, which he can use whenever he wants or needs to. Much like any other Kamonian, Loo possesses the two basic abilities, which are telekinesis, the power to move objects with your mind, and teleportation, an ability that allows you to move between one and another place in less than a second. Even though it’s unlikely that any Kamonian human would come to earth, the Kamonians have always had the power to master any human language used on earth. Loo and the elite warriors were the first Kamonians to come to earth, even though, before that, everyone thought it would ever be possible. In addition, Loo’s got the simple ability to cast spells or curse others. However, he is never seen to use the ability, nor has he ever mentioned it. Which could mean that he doesn’t care about that power very much.

In addition to that, Loo’s also got special powers, whose he had gotten the moment he decided to become a warrior when he still was a child. These powers may only be mastered by warriors and need to be trained as they are present in a Kamonian’s magic veins but not have to be “gained” before someone’s able to use them. As a warrior Loo has the ability to use the power of Manifestation, which allows him to summon any type of weapon a warrior could use, like a sword, bow and arrow, a spear, etc. He may also summon shields to protect himself or others with. Whatever weapon he summons, it is bound to his magical DNA and cannot be wielded by anyone else than himself. Loo usually uses his swords during fights or uses the rare power of throwing powerful spheres at the enemy. Despite not having an official name, the power is far spread all around Kamon and the only warrior-specific power that other Kamonians may also master by times. Since Loo fights with a sword most of the times, he can also channel his powers through the blade of his sword and has the ability to shoot beams or powerful strikes at the enemy. Despite having more warrior-specific powers, he is mainly seen using these powers, as well as creating a barrier, that shields himself and a certain area from any kind of attacks – as long as the attack is not stronger than Loo’s powers are. In addition, he soon mastered a Mentor’s ability.[6] This power allows him to create a plane next to the existing one. In Kamon, the power is usually used to allow the students to train without fearing the environment getting harmed. Loo uses the power similar, in order to train the Guardian Angels. But instead of protecting nature, he rather cares about keeping the girls’ secret, yet still being able to practice their heavenly powers to get stronger.

Adding to the common powers, Loo also managed to use high ranked or rare powers. For example, the moment he left Kamon, he was injected the power of darkness, which would allow him to summon Katahowas, the monsters of darkness whenever he needed to. Since he was not an elite, the power fed on his own powers and he had troubles controlling it. However, despite of what everyone expected to happen, Loo actually got a hang on the power and today he is able to use it without problems. He can also summon a few spheres which can trap another person, which then is unable to move until he either releases them or gets exhausted from using the power for too long.

As one of few Kamonians, Loo has the ability to use so-called “forbidden powers”. These powers were formerly used by Kamonians but were sealed away by the people because they considered them to be too dangerous, or by Catastrophe itself, fearing that these powers might allow a Kamonian to become stronger than it is. Forbidden powers are usually only mastered by high ranked Kamonians, such as elite warriors or protectors of lives. One of those forbidden powers Loo uses regularly, since he receipt it, is the one that allows him to destroy powerful monsters with one even more powerful attack. The forbidden powers are known to suck a lot of its user’s magical energy. Someone who’s not used to the forbidden powers might get exhausted or fall unconscious after using them.

In addition to his great amount of magical abilities, Loo’s also got some non-magical skills, which he usually uses during fights or for free running. Loo’s very agile and, when fighting, he can dodge almost any kind of attack. He doesn’t seem to be afraid of getting hurt, and also doesn’t sow to have any kind of fears, besides of his aquaphobia. He’s got no problem with heights, narrow places, fires, etc. He was early trained to use a sword and had been taught to fight, even without relying on his magical abilities. He started practicing when he was around four years old, and mastered the power of Manifestation when he merely was seven years old. He managed to control the power six months after he was first introduced to the power. Normal Kamonians can’t control this power until they turn 12 years old.


Nobumoto (信本?) - Nobumoto comes from Nobu (?) meaining "faith", "truth", "fidelity", "trust"[7] or "confidence", combined with Moto (?) meaning "origin". So Nobumoto could mean "origin of faith", "origin of truth", "origin of trust" or "origin of confidence".

Rosuke (郎助?) - Rosuke comes from Rō (?) meaning "son", combined with Suke (?) meaning "help", "rescue" or "assist". So Rosuke could loosely be translated to "helping son" or "assisting son". Yet, 郎 could be a pun to his real name, as 郎 and Loo are pronounced the same in Japan.


Prince (プリンス?) - Prince is Loo's nickname, which is usually used by Sapphie. She first used the name in episode 33, after being annoyed over him calling her "Sapphie-hime", which is a pun to Kaguya-hime, all the time. Prince, however, might be a pun to the fact that Loo doesn't see himself as prince at all.

Puppy (パピー?) - Puppy is Loo's nickname, which is only used by Kiyomi. It is unknown when she started to call him "puppy" or why, however, she usually refers to him as puppy, when directly talking to him instead of calling him by his actual first name.


Main article: Nobumoto Rosuke / Quotes


  • Loo's birthday falls on March 18th and his star sigh is Pisces.
  • Even though not coming from earth, Loo has stated that he prefers languges like English over Japanese as Japanese is "unnecessary complicated" in his opinion.
  • So far, Loo's the only main character of the series to have the ability to teleport him and other people.
  • As mentioned in the series, Loo has a strange ability of studying while being asleep.
  • As stated in Guardian Angels Of The Stars, Loo connects festivals with snacks.
  • Even though Loo eats quite a lot and is said to eat almost everything, he doesn't like bell paper, tomatoes and asparagus.
  • Loo is known to talk Kamonian while being asleep.
    • In addition to that, he even tends to talk Kamonian shortly after he woke up.
  • Until a certain childhood trauma, Loo's favorite animals used to be bears.
  • Despite his quite rude behavior, Loo really enjoys reading books.
  • Despite only being a supportive main character, Loo's voice actor, Matsuoka Yoshitsugu has performed two songs for Loo. These songs are Missing Sky and Nostalgia, alsong with Murakawa Rie.


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  2. As of Bon Voyage! The Path to Kamon's Future!
  4. Dia's attempt of making Toki
  6. A mentor is a Kamonian teacher who teaches specific qualifications, like warrior’s classes
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