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"As the chosen warriors of the infinite rainbow, we have the power to purify your cursed souls forever."— Super Sky Pretty Cure

Pretty Cure Rainbow Miracle! (プリキュアレインボーミラクル! Purikyua Reinbō Mirakuru!?) is a transformation phrase used in the Sky Pretty Cure Series. It only appears in Sky Pretty Cure: Holidays at Skyriver and grants the Pretty Cures a heavenly power-up. The power up was granted by Princess Alexa, by giving the power of the Tiara of Skyriver to the almost defeated Pretty Cures. With the powers of the tiara, the Cures were able to defeat Tanbaga and Marcasite.


Pretty Cure Rainbow Miracle! appeared for the first and only time in Holidays at Skyriver, the first movie of the Sky Pretty Cure series. It was granted to the Cures by Alexa, the current princess of Skyriver. Besides an enormous power boost, the Pretty Cure's also got a slight outfit change. As they got their powers from the Heavenly Tiara of Skyriver, all Cures are seen wearing white tiaras that carry a gemstone in the middle of itself. The gemstone has the same color as the one the Cures represent. So Cure Crimson's gem was red, Cure Saffron's yellow, Cure Sienna's orange, Cure Cyan's green and Cure Azure's blue. However, Cure Whitney's gemstone was light blue instead of white. Additionally, every Cure were granted a pair of small angel wings, which allowed them to move freely through the sky.


The basic function of granting this power to Pretty Cure to prevent them being defeated by Tanbaga and Marcasite. However, the tiara revealed to have more powers as well. So, the Pretty Cures gained stronger powers and they were able to use more powerful versions of their attacks. This was shown, when they used Rainbow Crystal Fantasy in the Rainbow Miracle forms. The form of Pretty Cure Rainbow Miracle is usually referred as "Super Sky Pretty Cure".