The Pretty Cure Insignia is a symbol or emblem that represents a Pretty Cure team. The emblem can usually be found on important items of the season and appears on the season's logo. See also the Pretty Cure Insignia article on the Pretty Cure Wiki; Pretty Cure Insignia.

Guardian Angels Of The Sky series


Artwork of the insignia

The insigna of the Series can be found on the series' logos. The insignia shows a mostly white colored heart with with a rainbow colored tail. The tail is colored in the first six main Cures' theme colors. From top to bottom; red for Guardian Angel Crimson, yellow for Guardian Angel Saffron, orange for Guardian Angel Sienna, green for Guardian Angel Cyan, blue for Guardian Angel Azure and white for Guardian Angel Whitney. All together, the insignia resembles a shooting star.

The insignia of the Pretty Cure Rainbow Star duo is a big heart that has a pink purple gradient in it. The two insignias are often combined and considered as the "real" Sky Pretty Cure insignia.

Sky Pretty Cure Generations


The Insignia of the Beautiful Sky Pretty Cure Cures consists of a golden pentagram to represent the five Elemaiden Cures, in front of a white/blue heart. The middle of the pentagram holds a five color rainbow with the theme colors of the five Elemaiden Pretty Cures: red for Cure Phoenix, orange for Cure Sunrise, yellow for Cure Vivid, green for Cure Avril and blue for Cure Crystal.

The pentagram of the insignia is based on the wiccan belief and each Cures takes her own position in the pentagram: Phoenix is at the bottom right point, Sunrise is at the top point, Vivid is at the bottom left point, Avril is at the center left point and Crystal is at the center right point, while Wendy is supposed to be in the middle of the star. The white heart might also represent Cure Wendy in this insignia. The purple background of the middle might be a hint to the night sky, which might represent Cure Leveret.

Spin-Off Series

Pretty Cure Nova V!

Sky Pretty Cure: An Exchange of Morals!