"Sky Pretty Cure: Kyūjitsu ni soragawa"

This is the transcript of the Movie, Sky Pretty Cure: Holidays at Skyriver.


The invitation

A peaceful morning, the sun was shown. As much as it was visible, no clouds were covering the sky and a beautiful sky blue color dyed into sunlight shone down to earth. Like out of nothing, out of the center of the sun, some rainbow-colored sparkles suddenly appeared and flew towards the town, to Feather Castletown. The first destination of the town, they reached was the Nijiiro Kaigan, the place where the rainbow bridge could be activated by the Color Guards. Following to that, they flew through the whole town, such as passing the Feather Caslte, and flying over the Blue Moon Park. Then, they seeked for the right way by passing the MIKAN~PAN and the Arc-en-ciel Tower, until they finally arrive at the place they were looking for. They flew through a window of the Shirosora Mansion. This open window lead into Diamond's room. The sparkles landed on Diamond's desk and transformed into a letter with a special emblem on it. It was a warm day on earth and the whole group was gathering up at Diamond's. It was the usual spot they met up, as it was the calmest and biggest place to stay for them, talking about their duties as Pretty Cure, when it was still needed. Though the colors of the sparkles were pretty bright, none of the girls, nor Low noticed the letter.

Ruby, who just came from work, was pleased by Diamond's bed, which seemed to be the one thing she was looking for. "Softness, thank go. I'm so exhausted." She said relieved as she layed down with her arms stretched away from her body. "It feels like a cloud!!" She added happily, while slightly turning to the others. "Wow, Ruby. You are so unlike Ruby today." Topaz said a little ammused and went up the stairs to Diamond's bed, sitting down on the last of the stairs. "It's not a cloud you know? You can't even touch clouds for that matter of fact." She added and smiled at Ruby. "Ah, I know that. But it's just so comfortable. It feels like I could sleep for years now." Ruby answered, slightly ignoring the fact that Topaz was laughing at her behavior. "Any reason why she's acting like that?" Topaz then turned away from Ruby, looking at Robin, waiting for an answer. "She's just exhausted from work. She's Ruby after all..." Robin answered calmly, not even trying to put an effort in her answer. "We had to work the last days, which is why she's acting like that and why we haven't been on time." She added with a still calm voice. "Working is her usual excuse for being late." Emerald sighed as she nodded as herself. "Don't worry, Ruby is usually the one who's late." She added calmly and tried to calm down Robin, not to worry about it too much. "If it's Ruby your waiting for, you can be sure that she will be late." Sapphire agreed with Emerald as she nodded at Robin. "Stop it! It's not true and you know it!!" Ruby shouted and threw a cyan blue colored pillow at the others. However, the pillow was caught by Topaz, who was quite surprised by it. "Don't you throw a pillow at us!" Topaz said strictly and looked at the pillow. "Especially not a heart-shaped. That's cute." Topaz added with a smile as she looked at the pillow. The pillow was heart-shaped, as mentioned by Topaz. It also had sky blue, white and navy blue heart-outlines in the center of the pillow. "Cutesy." Topaz repeated and looked at Diamond, while putting the pillow back on her bed. "Thank you. It was a present." Diamond said thankfully and slightly nodded, just as she wanted to bow in front of Topaz. "I wonder from who..." Topaz nodded and started to giggle. "Yet, the Prince doesn't say anything." Sapphire said slightly impressed, looking with an unimpressed expression over to Low, who was sitting right behind of Diamond, on the little couch in the right corner of the room. "It's not from me. Besides, I don't see a reason to join your silly talks." Low answered coldly. However, it was more likely that he didn't even pay attention to what they have just been talking about. "Don't be like that." Diamond said calmly as she looked over her shoulder.

"Ah, Diamond. Could this be a letter of your parents?" Amber wondered curiously, holding a letter with a rainbow colored emblem in her hand. "Letter? I don't know of any letters." Diamond admitted, stood up and walked over to Amber to look closely at the letter. Due to their curiousity, the other girls also decided to look at the letter and went over to Amber. "It was laying right here." Amber explained as she handed the letter over to Diamond. "No address. Not mine, not the sender's..." Diamond said thinking as she looked at the letter. "I wonder what this emblem means..." Robin wondered curiously. "It looks like a rainbow..." Ruby said thinking as she looked at the logo. "If you want to know; open it." Low said shortly, even though he didn't join the others in their circle. "Um sure..." Amber nodded and opened the letter. Surprised by what was inside, Amber took a little flash light out of the cover. "Um... flash lights?" Emerald wondered a little confused. Who was sending this letter to them? And why did the person put in little toys? "It's a Miracle Light!" White said happily, pointing at the flash light that was Amber holding. "Miracle...?" Amber repeated and was joined by Diamond, who said the second part, "Light?" "The light of hope..." Low mumbled as he stood up and went to the others. "Look who's coming..." Sapphire said slightly teasingly. However, Low ignored her and his gestures asked Amber to give him the Miracle Light. As Amber gave the Miracle Light to him, Low spun the jewel-shaped top, which started glowing. "They are the light of hope, giving power to the ones who need it." He explained calmly. "So... if we are in danger, you use it to power us up?" Emerald wondered curiously. "Great. Where have these lights been when we fought the darkness?" Sapphire questioned the meaning of those lights as she had crossed her arms. "It's true!" White agreed with Low's words. "Miracle Lights are said to have the power to give the light of hope to Pretty Cure. Just believe it." Scarlet added and nodded at everyone. "I wonder how the Prince knew it..." Sapphire then said as she was thinking about it. "Because I knew. Deal with it." Low said coldly and tried to get back to the couch again, but Diamond grabbed his shirt and stopped him from leaving. "Oh, guys! Look!" Amber slightly shouted in a surprised tone. "There's an actual letter as well." She added and put out a piece of paper. "I'll read it!" Sapphire announced determined and grabbed the paper before anyone could say anything against it.

"Dear Powerful Warriors,
This is an invitation for to you come to Skyriver. In order to thank you for all you have done for us and the worlds of light, we are happy to invite you to come to the land of rainbows. At a unharmed spot, we have prepared a calm and beautiful place for you to stay for some days. Every warrior needs to rest some time. Just use the lights of hope to summon the bridge across the land of heaven to come to us."

After hearing that, Topaz looked surprised at the Miracle light. She was holding the one Low had just turned on and looked at every part of it. "I doubt that this little thing can do something like that..." She mumbled doubting. "Anyway..." Sapphire mumbled to remind that she has yet to read the last part.

"We will be waiting for you. Best wishes, Beryl and Turquoise."

The rainbow colored bridge

As she finally was able the latter, Sapphire had no idea what to add to this anymore. "Wow, she's speechless." Low said and acted like he was impressed by it. "That's rare that Sapphire-hime is speechless. I'm impressed." He added all gleefully, even though he didn't look at her. "Shut up..." Sapphire said unpleased and glared at him even though he was ignoring her. "Stay serious now. This is a serious moment." Ruby warned the two in a serious tone. "Right person to say..." Robin mumbled as she smiled at her twin sister. "Don't you start teasing me now!" Ruby answered unpleased but also surprised. "Anyway... serious... let's decide it. Should we go? Yes? No?" Ruby wondered and looked at the others to hear their opinions. "No matter what you decide; if you go to Skyriver, I will come too!" Robin said determined and rose her hand. "Didn't you listen? Pretty Cure... powerful warriors... Are you Pretty Cure?" Ruby wondered and doubted her sister was serious. "No, I'm not. But if you go without me, I will not cover you in front of Mom and Dad." Robin said a little pouting and turned her head away from Ruby. "Alright, she can come." Topaz sighed and agreed with Robin. "In order to save this conversation from sibling wars..." She added calmly. "She can come? What? Did we already decide, we're going?" Diamond wondered curiously. "I think... yes..." Amber said nodding. "That means we are going." Emerald repeated calmly. "And what about family?" Diamond wondered a little concerned. "They are not coming, Diamond." Sapphire said seriously, though she knew that was not what she asked. "No. I mean, what are we telling them?" Diamond said a just a little less concered but more annoyed than before. "Easy, we are staying here for a while." Sapphire said calmly. "Good idea." Amber agreed with Sapphire's idea. "And what am I telling my grandmother?!" Diamond still didn't stop being worried about the consequences. "That you are staying with Sapphire for example." Low explained short but caring enough that she would understand it. "For example." Ruby agreed and nodded at Diamond. "But that's not okay." Diamond shook her head and looked a little pouty at Low. "It's just a little lie. You guys are together anyway..." Low slightly rolled his eyes but couldn't help but started smiling. "What can go wrong?" He added with a little smile. "I don't know. But I lied!!" Diamond said worried and tried to get Low to understand her problem. "You're just to nice, Dia. Just take a risk once in a while." Low mumbled, trying to convince her. "I-If something goes wrong, I will blame you for everything." Diamond said strictly. "I can live with it." Low nodded understanding. "Good then... We should get our stuff..." Ruby sighed as they were finally done with talking about it. "Meet you at the Coast!" Ruby said happily, grabbing her sister's hand and leaving the room. "R-Ruby!" Robin shouted out of surprise.

"Mom! We are back!" Robin called as the two arrived at the Feather Bell. Robin then nodded at Ruby, who went upstairs. "Ah, I didn't expect you to be home that soon." Ayane said surprised as she went out of the kitchen, into the big room. "Actually, we are right about to leave again." Robin added with her neutral and calm voice. "We wanted to stay at some friends' houses for some days." She added and slightly turned away from her mother. "Now that's something I didn't expect. Where would you stay at? And how long are you planning to be gone?" Ayane wondered curiously, bowing over the table. "I'm not sure about it, you should ask Ruby for that." Robin said calmly, giving all responsibilities to her twin sister. "Ruby?" Ayane wondered surprised and turned around, seeing Ruby with two big bags right behind her. "No time, Mom. See you later." Ruby said in a hurry and left with Robin right away. "T-take care..." Ayane muttered pretty surprised and sighed. "Fine,... I guess..." She mumbled at herself and qent back in the kitchen. Ruby and Robin were now heading to the Rainbow Coast, where they agreed to meet up once they collected everything they would need for the 'trip'.

"Are we the last again?!" Robin wondered in a surprised tone as she saw the others at the Coast already. "Get used to it." Amber said gleefully but was smiling, so it sure wasn't meant to hurt anyone. "Don't blame it on them. They have the second farest way to go." Diamond said in order to protect the Akahane twins. "Wait! Topaz' lives further away! How come you were faster?" Ruby wondered curiously and pointed at Topaz. "Because I'm faster." Topaz answered and gaver her friend a slight wink. "That's not true. I'm the second fastest of this group!" Ruby complained in a little upset voice. "Second?" Robin wondered in surprise. "Yeah, Sapphire is faster." Emerald explained as she lightly nodded at Robin. "Of us girls, for that matter of fact...." Ruby added mumbling. "So, based on your statement, Diamond should have arrived as last one right now." Sapphire added thinking, remembering the others that she has actually been one of the first. "Yes, but she's not living that far away and she's cheating." Ruby agreed nodding. "This is not a game! No one's cheating!" Diamond said complaining and sounded a little upset while saying it. "Teleporting is cheating." Sapphire slightly agreed with Ruby and turned against Diamond for the first time. "I'm not the one teleporting!" Diamond said more upset than before and turned away from the others.

"Anyway..." Topaz coughed a little and put out the Miracle Light. "Let's summon the rainbow bridge, shall we?" She wondered as she was holding the Miracle Light and looked at the others. "Sure, um... just let me remember how you turned them on again..." Amber agreed with Topaz, put out a Miracle Light and tilted her head as she took a closer look at it. "Turn the jewel-light at the top until the light shines." Low mumbled impatiently. "No need to sound that annoyed." Amber said in a serious tone. She then did exactly what she has been told, just like th others. "Sparkly." Robin said quite impressed. "Let us help you." Scarlet said, offering her help. The other color guards also nodded and stretched out their little arms. "Come down, holy light!" The color guards shouted, and along with the Miracle lights, the symbols on the fairies' foreheads started glowing. Just a second later, a rainbow colored way - the rainbow bridge appeared in the center of their circle, leading right over the ocean. "This is the rainbow bridge? Looks a little to cliche in my opinion." Sapphire admitted as she looked closer at the bridge. "Well, what do you expect from something called 'rainbow bridge'?" Emerald wondered and was slightly laughing. However, she stopped fast again and nodded at the others, "Let's go." She said and took the first step on the bridge. "Is this really save...?" Ruby wondered as she also stepped on the bridge. But as all the others didn't seem to have a problem with walking on it, she forgot about all her doubts in less than a second.

The further the group got, the more the buildings and nature of Feather Castletown vanished in the background. A white fog blocked the girls' sight down to earth. "Woah, the fog seems to be gone..." Amber mumbled surprised and also a little scared as she looked behind her. "No, don't worry." Mandarine shook her head and smiled at Amber. "It's just the gate between Skyriver and Earth. You could still go back if you wanted. We are getting closer to Skyriver with every step." She added clamly. "Just think of it like walking through a cloud." Green added just as calm as Mandarine. "I'm... um... just not that good with heights, you know." Amber sighed and explained. However, Amber didn't have to worry for long anymore, as they arrived just a moment later on pure green grass. "Wow, we are here..." Ruby said impressed. But, when looking around, she fast realized what their fight had meant to Skyriver after all. "It doesn't look... Well... I mean, they are all working on it." Ruby said surprised but also impressed. She was impressed to see the little creatures doing their best to get their Kingdom back to its old beauty. "Of course they do." White slightly nodded at Ruby. "I would like to help them..." Blue said as he was thinking about it.  "They, however, look all the same. Like little bears..." Ruby mumbled slightly unimpressed. "For the last time, we are not bears!" Yellow shouted quite angrily. "Of course not. You are the Guards of the Colors." A little girl said. The girl had her hands behind her back and tilted her head while talking to the group. "A not-bear-like-girl in Skyriver!!" Ruby shouted surprised as she saw the young girl. "Ruby... the world of Rainbows is not just inhabited by fairies..." Low mumbled with a cold tone. "Um... I mean Skyriver." He corrected himself a little less cold than before. "World of Rainbows? What kind of name is that?" Sapphire wondered surprised. "That's how the Kamonians call our Skyriver, ignore it." The girls said nicely, though it was hearable that she was unpleased to her 'world of rainbows' in the first place. "You must be Pretty Cure! It's an honor to have you here. Thank you for answering our invitation." The girls said pleased and bowed in front of the girls, and only the girls. While the girl greeted the girls, another human, a boy this time joined them and slightly bowed as well. "And... who are you two...?" Emerald wondered and tried to stay as kind as possible. "I'm Beryl and this is my brother, Turqouise. We are working for the royal family." Beryl introduced herself happily. "A pleasure to meet you." Turqouise greeted calmly. And unlike Beryl, he greeted all of the group. "And... um... yes. We are humans. Or human-like. There aren't many human-like inhabitants in Skyriver. But we are used to it." Beryl explained calmly.

"By all I've read, Skyriver looks like a big let down..." Low mumbled at himself. Though this might have not been for any of the others around him, they heard him quite well. This statement led Beryl to be less polite than before, when she was still talking to the girls. "That's for sure not our fault, you should not the one be talking!" She said angrily, looking at Low, who was surprised by such a reaction - he hasn't done anything after all. "I-It's fine, Beryl. Let's just show them the way to the little paradise." Turqouise said calmly, trying to calm down his sister. Beryl sighed and nodded. "Please follow us." She said more polite again, looking at Robin and Ruby. "Why do I always get to talk with the short tempered ones...?" Low sighed and for a second, he even thought about leaving Skyriver right away. He could just use his own powers to get something similar to the rainbow bridge back. "Just stay gentle." Diamond said calmly, grabbing his and and started walking along with him. "Being gentle is not one of my strong abilities." Low sighed quietly.

"It's fine, Turqouise?! Nothing is fine with that!" Beryl looked at her brother was was quietly talking with him. "You are being angry again, when we are supposed to show our respect in Pretty Cure." Turqouise explained his motives calmly. "I know that. But he's obviously not a Pretty Cure!!" Beryl didn't understand what Turqouise was trying to achive here, anyway, she decided to listen to her older brother for once. After a compareable short walk, the group arrived at an almost untouched scenery at Skyriver. It like a little clearing inside a deep forest, with a river separating the flower forest with the open place. The part close to the river almost looked like a little beach with sand and small stones. The 'camping place' was at foot of a pretty high cliff, like they can be found at the Coast in Feather Castletown, just without ocean. As the water of the river had its origin on the cliff, it fell down to the river as a waterfall. Three cottages are built close to the sandy beach. "Ah, I get the little paradise thing." Topaz said impressed and nodded at herself, while looking at the scenery. "Yes! I knew we got a chance to swim!" Sapphire shouted cheerfully as the first thing she saw was the river. "Yeah... leave that to you..." Low muttered at himself unimpressed. He then sighed. "At least there's nothing wrong with this place." He added with a quite calm voice. "Wrong? Why should there anything be wrong with this place?!" Beryl wondered not amused about his statement. "Because you don't trust us?!" She added pretty annoyed. "First of all, I usually don't trust anyone in the beginning." Low answered calm as he tried not to fight with her. "So?! Then how about, I don't trust you either then?!" Beryl was pretty unimpressed by his answer, put her arms on her hips, getting closer to him. "Then you do that. I mean if you are happy with living with the fact that you judge someone based on where they come from." Low slightly shrugged as an answer. "Not now." Diamond said a little pushy, grabbing Low's arm and dragging him her. "Yeah, we have had this enough. See you later~" Amber said cheering, waving at Beryl and Turqouise. "You really can't stop, can you?" Turqouise sighed a little let down by his sister. "Hmph..." Beryl turned away from her brother and left the place. "Don't fight. Just don't fight." Diamond said very concerned about the situation. "I didn't. She did." Low answered calm and not worried about the situation at all.

Let the fun begin!

Day One

"I made the right decision after all!" Sapphire said all proudly as she stopped in front of everyone. "Deciding to come here, good job me." She added and sounded very proud at herself. "I don't remember you deciding it for us..." Amber answered calmly and slightly giggled. "Look it up in the books, if you don't remember the history!" Sapphire replied a little upset and walked over to Amber. "Anyway, my mermaid princess Amber. This water adventure starts right now!" She said and put her one hand on Amber's shoulder while pointing with the other one towards the river. "I don't think it is the time to go swimming..." Diamond said surprised at Sapphire's statement. "I think we should first take care for our stuff." She added and tilted her head innocently. "I agree. Let's decide who sleeps in which cottages." Topaz agreed and nodded at Diamond. "Alright... But then... later!" Sapphire sighed a little let down and walked over to the others. The others had ignored Sapphire's little speech and went on to look at the cottages. They looked all the same, small cottages with two floors and three rooms. On the first floor, there was some kind of living space with a table and something resembling a kitchen. The second floor was the sleeping space, as well as including a little bathroom. The cottages didn't look identical from the outside, but also on the inside. All cottages had a big table with four chairs, four beds and nothing more. Of course there were curtains at the windows, but they also looked the same in each house. 

"Okay, first guess; easy one: Leave the fairies to Low." Ruby said thinking as she looked at the cottages. While she said it, she pointed at the last cottage in the row. "Fine... I guess..." Low mumbled cold, just as he didn't care about which cottage he would get. "Than it is decided." Emerald said nodding. "Next is then..." She started and looked at the others, waiting for responses. "You, me and the Queen are the center!!" Sapphire announced happily, grabbing Emerald and Diamond's arms. "We have no other chance, Diamond." Emerald said calm but a little surprised by Sapphire's actions. "Stop calling me Queen." Diamond only replied to Sapphire. Her expressions were quite upset about being called 'Queen' one more time and was even a little pouty. Ruby nodded at the three like she was agreeing with the decision. "So that means, Topaz, Ruby, Robin and me in the last?"  Amber wondered checking the cottage-organization-formation. "If you have no problems with that." Emerald replied and nodded at Amber. "I'm fine with it." Amber answered untouched by Emerald's words. "It's like a sleepover with my best friends." She added and started smiling. "Alrighty!" Ruby cheered happily. "Then it is decided!" She added in a pretty loud voice. "Let's put our stuff inside." Diamond suggested calmly and started walking towards the cottage in the middle. She was close followed by her friends.

As Ruby and the others arrived in their 'bedroom' for the next days, Ruby was the first to choose the bed. While the other three were impressed by the furniture of this place, Ruby had already put her stuff on the bed right under the large window. "Wait a second, Ruby! Who says, you are getting this one?" Robin wondered surprised as she noticed that Ruby chose the bed, which she would like to have herself. "I do." Ruby answered proudly. "Huh...? That's not fair!" Robin replied unpleased by Ruby's behavior. "Fair? Of course it is fair! I was the first to put my stuff on it." Ruby said surprised and turned away from her sister in order to put her stuff out of her suitcases. While the twins were fighting, Topaz and Amber were almost done with putting their stuff out of their suitcases and went on to deciding what they should wear the next day. "Whoever takes that bed now, hurry up a little. It will turn dark soon." Amber warned the twins in a serious tone and was slightly looking over to them. "How do you want to know that? Maybe Skyriver is like Europe and has a different time zone." Ruby doubted that Amber's words actually stated the truth. "Time zone or not, the sun is already setting. You are right next to the window. Just take a look." Amber replied unimpressed, pointing out of the window, where the sky actually turned red. "Well done Ruby... because you had to fight, we have no time left." Robin said upset, took her stuff to the only remaining bed. "Wait a second! You can't always blame everything on the older twin!"Ruby answered surprised in a loud tone. "It doesn't look like you are up for going swimming at night, huh?" Sapphire mumbled. She kinda hoped for an answer that would cheer her up. Some nice words, though what she was actually waiting for was something like 'Come on, sure why not? Let's have some fun', though Sapphire knew that they wouldn't say it. "Don't blame the sunset on me! Robin already did that." Ruby warned the others in an annoyed voice. "Why should the sunset be your fault? It's natural and you didn't know when the sun would set in Skyriver either." Diamond was surprised by Ruby's statement, though managed to stay calm. "And we also wasted some time, fighting over 'who gets which bed', you know? Girls stuff." Emerald added. It sounded that she was still laughing over it. "Did you have a pillow fight?" White wondered curiously. "Almost." Diamond said calmly, though everyone knew that she would never be calm about a pillow- and/or snowball fight. She was the target during such fights after all. "Talking about swimming!" Sapphire interrupted their conversation impatiently. "No one said anything about swimming... or even water..." Scarlet said unimpressed. "Sure! I did. Don't ignore me like that." Sapphire replied in a serious tone. "I don't know, Koe-chan. It's quite late already..." Diamond calmly tried to tell her friend that she won't go swimming today anymore. "Ah... but you know. It only needs a little sneaky, sneaky and pushy and then! Your prince meets the water surface." Sapphire said quite threatening. "That wouldn't be very nice." Diamond shook her head after thinking about Sapphire's plan. "If you try, I'm gonna break all of your limbs!" Low replied more serious and in a more threatening voice than Sapphire stated her plan before. The difference between the sound in their voices was that Sapphire was most likely joking, while Low was serious about it. "That wouldn't be nice either." Diamond shook her head again and let out a sigh. "Don't be rude now..." She added calmly, slightly putting her hand on Low's cheek, who tried to calm down again. He looked down to Diamond and slightly smiled at her. "We will go tomorrow, Koe-chan." Diamond then looked at Sapphire and promised it with a happy smile. "Alright. Promise! You all!" Sapphire said happily. The others just smiled and nodded instead of saying 'I promise' all individually.

Day Two

The next morning, Sapphire had just gotten up and went outside, where she found her friends preparing the breakfast. "Good morning." She said in a quite surprised voice and walked over to her friends. "It doesn't seem like you need any more help?" She wondered in surprise. As the others were pretty busy, Robin decided to answer her questions. "Good morning, Sapphire." She said nicely and turned around. "Ah, nice outfit." Robin added as she spotted Sapphire's vacation clothes. "Ah yeah. Thanks, you too. But what about the breakfast?" Sapphire didn't care much about the clothes but was more curious about whether she had to help them or not. "We're fine, Sapphire. Don't worry about it." Ruby answered and slightly looked over to Sapphire and Robin. "Or now that I think about it... we could still need some chairs. It would be nice if you took care of it." Ruby added after thinking about it for a short while. At the same time, Emerald and Topaz returned with some baskets filled with berries and fruit. "You are awake already as well?" Sapphire wondered slightly surprised. "Of course. I'm an early bird after all." Emerald answered with a smile. "Good morning, Sapphire." Topaz greeted calmly. "What? Am I the last to stand up?!" Sapphire then shouted a little let down by the situation. "Of course not!" Amber answered strictly and shook her head. "Low's still sleeping. And it will be unlikely that he'll wake up anytime soon." Diamond added in an explaining tone. Sapphire slightly sighed. "I don't know if that makes it better." She mumbled and turned herself away from the others. "Sapphire-san, don't forget about the chairs." Robin reminded Sapphire about it in a serious tone. "Right. Leave the chairs to us!" Sapphire said determined and went along with Robin to the cottages. "It's not like we already left it to you..." Amber sighed as an answer, though neither Sapphire nor Robin heard her answer. "Let her, if she feels good saying it." Diamond advised calmly.

"And I can finally announce that breakfast is ready!!" Ruby shouted in a passionate tone. "It won't help either, Ruby." Diamond said calmly and couldn't help to smile, even though she smiled just a little bit. "Ah, how long can a person sleep?" Ruby sighed and sat down. "It depends if you are an early bird or a sleepy head. Early birds are usually more productive, while sleepy heads get more ideas and inspiration at nights. That's-" Diamond started explaining. But as soon as she started it, she was interrupted and stopped by Emerald. "Enough with the trivia about sleeping and getting up." She said seriously. "Come on, you don't need to wait for us telling you to get him." She added calmly and winked at Diamond. "I-It's not like I waited for you or something like that." Diamond answered slightly surprised. "My Queen, go and wake the Prince!" Sapphire said in a serious tone. "Because, I'm sure you're the only one who can do it, on a gentle way." She added calmer and slighty started laughing. "It would be funny though." She mumbled while giggling about her thoughts. "What? When you woke him? I'm sure that would lead to him being grumpy..." Topaz commented Sapphire's idea while shaking her head. "Ah, I won't let that happen." Diamond shook her head and stood up, leaving towards the cottages.


Since the fairies don’t care much about doors, the entrance door of this cottage was kept opened ever since the fairies went outside, which was a few hours ago. Diamond went inside the first floor was flooded by sunlight and a soft breeze was coming to the inside from the opened door. She went upstairs were it was darker than on the first floor. However, the sun managed to get through the curtains. And a bit light was coming from the first floor. The breeze was almost gone in that room. Since the fairies were small enough to sleep on one bed together, all Diamond had to do in this moment, was to look for the messiest bed and it wasn’t hard. As expected, Low was still sleeping. Diamond first went to draw the curtains before she went closer to him and knelt down in front of his bed. She started smiling and laughed slightly. She just could stop herself from tousling his hair. However after that, she grabbed his pillow and removed it. He then slightly woke up. “Good morning, Dia.” He said with a really sleepy voice. “You know that it is me, by the way I woke you up?” She asked then a bit surprised. He didn’t answer then but slightly nodded. Diamond then helped him to sit up. “It’s breakfast time.” She said. “Already?” He tried to realize that he is not dreaming anymore. “I have to change. Just wait a second.” He then said and went to the only separated room on this floor. Diamond sat down, waiting with a smile.

Not much time passed since that and the two came out of the cottage, however closing the door, unlike the fairies did. After she closed it, Diamond grabbed for Low’s right arm and started hugging it. From a bit away, the others watched them. “Now they are coming.” Amber said, stopping Ruby from starting to eat. “Did take longer that I thought it would.” Sapphire said. “But that’s probably because you were gentle. I would have just thrown him out of bed. Literally.” Sapphire said, smiling spiteful. “It’s too early for that.” Low just answered then. “But it’s 10 am…” Topaz said. “Like I said, too early.” Low answered and sat down. “Ah, while you were gone Diamond, Beryl and Turquoise came, we invited them to have breakfast with us.” Emerald said. “How nice.” Diamond smiled. “Thank you for looking after us.” She bowed and then sat down.

Then everyone took something and enjoyed the breakfast. While the others kept talking about things, Beryl remained quiet and just watched the others, she didn’t even eat something. “They have a strange dynamic as team.” She thought and then took some strawberries. "Are they really the right people to be Pretty Cure?” She then wondered. Apparently, Beryl wasn’t happy to see what kind of people the legendary warriors of Pretty Cure are in reality. Maybe she forgets that every warrior has a human side and humans are clumsy or have fears too. After everyone finished, the girls started cleaning everything up. “Um… we could need help with the table…” Robin said. “I mean, I still don’t know how we got it through the door the first time.” She laughed, slightly looking at Low, who probably knew what she was trying to say. “Alright, I got it.” He said and put a hand at the table, then he and the table disappeared. A few second late he re-appeared again; without the table. “I don’t know where it belongs so, that is kinda your problem now.” He said. “It was our table in the first place, so… nothing changes.” Ruby answered. The other girls were taking the plates and everything back in that time. “So, I think getting everything back to its place was easier than bringing it here.” Topaz said while looking at the cleaned place. “Isn’t that great? Then we finally can have some fun!” Sapphire said, reminding everyone on the promise they’ve made the day before. “Sure!” Amber answered.

A little bit later then, after the girls changed, they slowly got into the water. Sapphire was the first. She jumped from a stone that was close to the water. The river seemed to be deeper than it looked like. “Come on girls, the water isn’t cold at all!” She shouted. “Still, I prefer not to jump…” Amber said and also got into the water. “Hey, didn’t you say, it’s not cold?” Topaz asked Sapphire after she felt the temperature of the water with her feet. “Well, it isn’t… at least for me.” Sapphire answered. Ruby then grabbed Topaz and Amber’s arms and ran towards the water, towards Sapphire. “Is it still cold?” Ruby then asked. “Yes!” Amber said. She didn’t look a lot pleased about Ruby’s actions. “I usually prefer to get used to the temperature before jumping into it with joy.” Topaz then said. “Hm… well that way is faster.” Sapphire answered and Ruby nodded. “Everyone has their own way.” Diamond, who sat on a stone, having her feet hanging in the water and playing with it slightly, said with a gentle smile. “And what are you doing there?” Emerald wondered, who joined the others at the same time. “Like I said, everyone has their own way.” She answered smiling.

While the girls were enjoying themselves, the insert song “Träumend” was played. It was the full version of the song, while showing how the girls spent their day. At first was of course their water activities shown and that they found a small beautiful spot behind the waterfall. Then the music got quieter. “Wasn’t that too obvious? I mean there is always a secret spot behind the waterfall.” Robin said. “Though this one is not that big.” “But big enough to sit on it. And hide from others.” Amber answered. Then the music got louder again. Another scene showed Sapphire, Emerald and Ruby trying to get Low into water. The others were pushing him from behind but it didn’t work at all, so they left him there.

The next scene showed the girls with flowers and leaves they found all around the little paradise. They took it to make necklaces, crowns or bracelets out of them or they just put a single flower in each other’s hairs. There were many different flowers in all colors existing. Big flowers, smaller flowers, tulips, sakura blossoms, and much more. Combined with the girls’ swimming suits, they looked like they made holiday at Hawaii, a place where probably none of the girls has ever been at. Then they went looking for berries. For that they changed back to their normal holiday clothes. To find some berries, they went deeper into the close forest, that may have seemed so small but it wasn’t, so they got kinda lost, but managed to get out again. However, they forgot the berries, which were the reason they went into the forest for the first time.

After a little cut, the sky turned orange-red and the insert song was about to end, so it turned quieter. “What a day, huh?” Emerald said, while the song was still playing. “Have you any idea what Beryl, Turquoise and the fairies are doing? I mean I know, they said, they’d take care about the dinner, but has anyone any ideas?” Ruby wondered, while watching the sun slightly disappearing. “I have no idea, let’s don’t think about that.” Emerald answered. “Yes, if they want to surprise us, why don’t you let them do that?” Robin wondered. “Hm... maybe you are right.” Ruby answered. “Of course we are.” Robin answered. “I think they are having a barbecue.” Sapphire then added. “I’m pretty sure of that. You can smell it.” “She is right.” Ruby said excited. “I would ask them, if they need help, but I don’t feel like helping right now.” She then added laughing. “Also, they said, they don’t want us to help.” Ruby remembered.

Meanwhile, the song ended and it became more and more silent around the little paradise. Of course, the girls did talk with each other or laughed about things but it actually was very peaceful at the moment. It also turned darker and darker with every second. After they had dinner, they looked at the stars. It was a bit colder at night than it was during the day. “The stars are shining pretty bright, huh?” Diamond asked, waiting for an answer, she looked over her shoulder. She looked at Low, who didn’t seemed to realize that he had been asked a question. “Low?” Diamond said, trying to get his attention. “Low.” She said again after she didn’t get an answer at all. However, then Sapphire threw a twig at the young Kamonian, who, as soon as it hit him, looked up and was really surprised. “Someone tries to talk with you.” She said pointing at Diamond. “I didn’t wanted her to throw something at you though.” Diamond said while looking at Low. “Don’t worry.” Low shook his head. “I’m sorry, I didn’t hear your question.” He then said. “That question doesn’t matter anyway.” Diamond said. “I actually wanted to ask you, why you didn’t join us in the water today.” She wondered with a gentle voice. “That’s just… that’s… nothing. It’s nothing.” He answered, laying his arms at his knees and then laying his head on arms. “Really. It’s fine.” He said, looking away from Diamond. “Are you sure?” She wondered but didn’t get an answer. “Then I guess, its fine…” She said worried. After a while, everyone went back to their cottages to get some sleep.

A monstrous surprise

The next morning. Something was different. More different than the fact that Low was earlier up then any of the girls. The girls didn’t notice anything different than this. “What are you doing this early?” Robin wondered. And she wasn’t alone. Topaz and Diamond were with her. “Couldn’t sleep.” He answered. “Also, something is strange here.” “Strange, what do you mean with strange?” Diamond asked surprised. “This place feels different than usual. “Aha…?” Topaz said. “I don’t feel anything.” She then added. “No wonder, you’re neither Kamonian nor a color guard. But I doubt that White would feel that either.” He looked over his shoulder, well knowing that White is either somewhere close to Diamond or to him. And since he is sitting alone on this stone, she’d be with Diamond. “I don’t feel anything ~shiroi.” White said after looking around, wondering if something was wrong here.

After a while the others joined the four. “What time is it? Do you always get up this early?” Low wondered. “Sure. How can you stay in bed that long?” Sapphire answered, however she also gave him a question back. “That’s not hard. I can also stay multiple nights awake. I’m only bad at getting up early.” He answered. “So guys, what are you doing here… I mean what are we doing here?” Ruby wondered. “Low thinks something is wrong here ~kiiro.” Yellow said. “I don’t think that, I know it!” Low answered. “But I don’t know what it is.” “If you find out, you can tell us, right?” Amber said. “At first, I need some breakfast, before we go hunting for a nightmare.” She added. “Nightmare?” Low wondered. “This is not just a funny joke, this is serious.” “Maybe it is, but it doesn’t seem that serious when the only person who feels that, hasn’t slept all night.” Emerald answered. “Oh and what do you think kept me awake the whole night, huh?” He wondered while Emerald was getting to the others, who were already preparing the breakfast again. “Hmm… maybe your fear?” Diamond wondered. “My fear?” Low asked surprised. “Don’t worry, I believe you.” Diamond smiled. “But it’s like Amber said. And breakfast is the most important meal a day.” She explained.


At a darker place of Skyriver, a strange, powerful ray of light raised from the ground. The ground looked something like a seal. This ray of light wasn’t the only one. Another followed shortly after. The first was grey, almost black while the second was blood red. Together, the lights headed towards the place the girls made their vacation. The lights passed the Skyriver Castle. Where the royal princess of Skyriver felt the power. “That power!” She said and it felt like the time paused for a moment. After the ray of lights got further away from the castle, however, it seemed to be back to normal. “This is bad!” She then said and headed out of the castle. “Alexa-hime!” Beryl, who just arrived at the castle called. “Where are you going? No, wait. What are you going to do?!” Beryl shouted and followed the princess very fast. “Princess Alexa, Beryl… what’s wrong?” Turquoise wondered. Beryl then grabbed her brother’s arm and continued running. “I don’t know…” Beryl answered. The princess was following the two rays of light as fast as she could. However, they were pretty fast. “Beryl, Turquoise, you need go hurry and warn the Pretty Cures.” The princess said. “What?” Turquoise wondered. “Okay.” Beryl said and nodded at Turquoise. The two then transformed into little shining sparkles. Turquoise’s were light blue, while Beryl’s were light pink. As sparkles, the two siblings flew towards the little paradise and passed the princess very fast.

However, the ray of lights were faster than Beryl and Turquoise. The group just finished their breakfast as the grey light bashed into the water and the blood red light into the woods. Even though, the girls didn’t notice this. “I feel like this place just got a lot more dangerous ~akai.” Scarlet however said. “Really? But nothing happened!” Ruby said. The girls stood up and looked around. “I can see nothing… Nothing at all.” Sapphire said, getting closer to the water. “Only that… hmm…” She said thinking and looked closer at the water. “There is nothing Scarlet. Nothing at all.” Topaz said, looking up to the sky. “What did you want to say, Sapphire?” Emerald turned to Sapphire to wait for her answer. But Sapphire wasn’t there anymore. She was gone. “Sa-Sapphire?” Emerald said shocked. “Where did she go?” she wondered worried. “She just had been here a second ago ~shiroi.” White reminded. “That’s strange, where would –“ Robin started but didn’t finish it. The girls turned to Robin but she was gone to. “Oh no! Robin too!” Ruby shouted, running to the exact same spot that Robin was just a second ago. “And… do you still think this is a nightmare?” Low stood up wondering. “Or do you believe me now?” “We’re sorry.” Amber answered. “But this is not the time!” she added. “We have to look for them!” Ruby said. “And then what? Get captured too?” Low answered. “But what should we do then?” Topaz wondered. “H-How about staying away from water or the forest?” He answered, while turning to Ruby. Or where Ruby should have been. “Oh no! Ruby!” Diamond said shocked. Amber then jumped away from the water getting closer to the others.

“Pretty Cure-san!” Beryl shouted as her pink sparkle appeared at the scene. “Beryl!” Emerald said. Beryl then transformed back into her real form. “Everyone, the princess is coming here. I don’t know why. But she is coming here!” Beryl said. “Well, if that isn’t a perfect timing. You don’t trust me, when we shouldn’t trust you!” Low shouted at her. “Wh-what are you talking about?” Beryl wondered. She was a bit shocked but also angry. “Getting us here, so the Pretty Cures can get captured one after another.” He said. “I’m sorry?” Beryl wondered, confused. “That’s not possible.” She mumbled. “Yes it is.” The princess arrived. “Princess Alexa ~midori!” Green called. “Princess? So she is part of the royal family?” Emerald wondered and Green nodded. “The reasons why your friends disappeared is because, a powerful evil duo broke a sealing.” The princess explained. “As soon as I noticed it, I came here to warn you. But I guess I was too late.” She said. “Um, right. I’m Princess Alexa of Skyriver.” She said bowing. “What do you mean with evil duo?” Topaz wondered. “Skyriver has been attacked by two powerful evil beings. Those were Tanbaga the demon of plants and Marcasite the demon of fluid. Our most powerful warriors tried to defeat them. However, they just managed it to seal them away, with the help of the royal family. But now that the seal is broken, the two sure want revenge!” Princess Alexa explained.

Eternal darkness

After the princess finished her sentence, a dark version of the place was shown, only dark blue and grey as well as dark red and dark green colors were seen. However, all plants and stones were dark blue, almost black. And there were dark red and dark green cloud-like marks in the sky. Also the water was missing. There was not river at all. It was just plain. Sapphire found herself at this place. The last thing she remembered was that she was thinking about the water that looked darker than the day before. “What the-“ She wondered. “How did I get here…” she looked around until she spotted Ruby and Robin. “Better question is… where are we?” Robin said. “No. The question we should ask is; how are we getting away from here?” Ruby corrected Robin with a serious expression.

“Hmm… so the prince was right after all…” Sapphire said thinking. “And you know how I hate to admit that.” She added. “Anyways.” Robin shook her head. “What do we do now? You only can transform with Scarlet and Blue, and…” She looked around “They’re not here.” She finished her sentence. “Yeah…” Sapphire said, putting her hands into the pockets of her pants. “Oh, but look what I’ve got!” She showed the girls the miracle light. Sapphire did put it into her pocket after they arrived at Skyriver. “The miracle lights, of course!” Ruby said. “Yes, they help us when we are in danger. I hope that is what he meant.” Robin said. “ “B-but… I don’t have mine here…” Ruby noticed as she started searching for it. “I have it in my bag.” She added. “Don’t worry. I have mine here. I don’t need to transform.” Robin said. “Thank you, Robin.” Ruby said and took Robin’s. Sapphire and Ruby then turned the miracle lights on. “Let’s hope it works.” Ruby said, looking at the Miracle lights.

Demons of Plants and Fluid

Meanwhile, the remaining girls tried to find out how to get Tanbaga and Marcasite to attack them. If they went anything to close to the woods or the water, they would disappear. And this wouldn’t help anything either. “I think… I think they are trying to recharge their power.” Turquoise said. “Why do you think so?” Beryl wondered. “Well, they have been sealed away for a long time. So they lost a lot of power. And now they want revenge, but they need power for.” He explained. “And that’s why they try to capture the Pretty Cures?” Beryl wondered. Turquoise nodded. “Then I know what to do!” Emerald said. “Guys, let’s transform!” She shouted. “The power of the rainbow… alright!” Amber shouted and waited for Mandarine to transform into the Color Commune form. After the fairies transformed, the girls shouted “Pretty Cure Rainbow/Magical Paint Over!” and transformed. Their hair styles changed and they turned into Pretty Cure. However, they didn’t say their group speech. That is probably because their team was not complete.

“The …well incomplete power of the rainbow. I hope, I can maximize the chance, Tanbaga and Marcasite show themselves like this.” Low though and then he stretched out his arms and concentrated. Then suddenly the earth started shaking. The Cures were a bit surprised but still serious about everything. Then two monsters appeared. The monsters didn’t look anything similar then the monsters the Cures knew. “They are huge!” Cure Saffron said, looking at them. None of the two monsters said anything, but they attacked first. Marcasite used water to attack the Cures from the water side while Tanbaga used plants to attack them from the other side. At first they didn’t do anything. But then Cure Cyan stretched out her arms to each directions and called: “Windy Mirror!” Then a big, windy wall appeared before the attacks and destroyed them. Then the Cures split up in two teams. Duo teams. The duo to attack Marcasite were Cure Saffron and Cure Whitney and Cure Sienna and Cure Cyan attacked Tanbaga.

While it looked good for the Cures in the first half of the fight, it slowly turned worse for the four girls. But they didn’t stop fighting. After all, this wasn’t just about their holiday, but also about the Skyriver and all of the inhabitants. So they kept fighting. However, Marcasite and Tanbaga seemed to get stronger with every attack. “That is bad.” Cure Cyan said while falling back to the ground. She stopped her fall with another, normal jump after she first touched the ground. “They seem to get stronger.” Cure Sienna answered. “But we can’t stop!” Cure Saffron said. Then an attack of Tanbaga and Marcasite was sent towards Beryl, Turquoise and Princess Alexa. “Oh no!” Beryl said scared and closing her eyes while starting hugging her brother. However the attack didn’t hit them. Beryl opened her eyes. This was probably the moment Beryl realized that Low was not an enemy. He put his hands against the attack and the attack slowly turned smaller and smaller and then disappeared completely. He didn’t say anything, but sent the attacks back to Tanbaga and Marcasite. They did hit them but it didn’t look like it harmed them a lot. “Thank you!” Princess Alexa said. Low didn’t turn around, just nodded, probably waiting for the next attack.

As the attack hit the two demons, a fiery red light came from Tanbaga and a watery blue light came from Marcasite. They then turned into Cure Crimson and Cure Azure, who jumped down to the other girls. Crimson was holding was holding Robin’s hand, who was both surprised and happy to see that they made it out of the darkness. They were jumping down to the others. “Ugh… please tell me, we weren’t inside of them!” Robin said. “Is that important? I’m glad you are alright!” Cure Cyan said. “How did you transform ~akai?” Scarlet wondered. “I don’t know.” Crimson answered. But I don’t think this is the time to talk about this!” she added. As the Cures got into fighting formation, Robin got to Beryl and the Princess. “What is happening?” She asked scared.

Let's fight!

“Rainbow Pretty Cure! Ready, fight!” Cure Crimson shouted and the team started attacking. They used all their powers, used fire against water, froze their attacks or even used ice and snow. However, nothing did work. “Never give up.” Robin mumbled. And though it was sure that none of the Cures heard this, they kept fighting for this. “Robin, take it.” Low gave her his Miracle Light before he went to help the Cures. “The miracle light…” Robin mumbled and turned it on. She wasn’t sure how it could help here but it gave her the feeling of being save while her sister gave her passion and her fiery personality for everyone’s sake. “The miracle lights!” Beryl shouted and summoned two. One for her and one for Turquoise. “Whatever happens, the miracle light will help us.” Beryl said, probably to calm herself down.

Tanbaga charged to attack and then roots came out of the ground which were cut down again by Cure Crimson’s Red Strike. While Marcasite attacked with an enormous wave heading towards the Cures. However, they managed to jump over it and the wave hit Tanbaga instead of the Cures. “Ha! Defeating with your partner’s own weapons!” Cure Saffron cheered. But besides this one, the fight didn’t seem to go well. None of the Cure’s attacks actually did any damage. Neither physical nor magical attacks. “They are strong!” Azure realized. “So, when did you ever give up?” Low said with a kinda annoyed but also encouraging voice. The annoyed sound in his voice was maybe because he was struggling with one of Tanbaga’s attacks. Azure nodded and continued.

“Alright, girls!” Crimson said as they were standing back to back and thinking about another strategy. The others nodded and raised their arms to the sky. “We call the mighty power! Heaven Crystal!” They shouted and their Crystals appeared on their wrists. “Crystal of passion, Rouge Crystal!” Crimson called. “Crystal of true strength, Tonnerre Crystal!” Saffron called. “Crystal of elegance, Luce Crystal!” Sienna called. “Crystal of nature, Gruen Crystal!” Cyan called. “Crystal of talents, Schnee Crystal!” Azure called. “Crystal of intelligence, Bianko Crystal!” Whitney called. Then the girls started another attack. Now they were able to reflect small parts of the attacks with their Heaven Crystals. Since the Heaven Crystals were small star-shaped mirrors that are tied around the Cure’s wrists, it is very easy to use combat attacks with them. Cure Sienna even used her Crystal to bedazzle Marcasite and confuse him enough to target Tanbaga instead of the Cures. “And that’s how you fight!” She said proud. But then she started fighting like the others again.

Then the Cures got into formation to use their trio attacks. They joined each other’s hands. So Crimson, Saffron and Sienna joined hands, as well as Cyan, Azure and Whitney did. Then each trio summoned rainbow colored rays from the sky which they absorbed into their hands and then sent to the enemy. The first trio, Crimson, Saffron and Sienna attacked Tanbaga while the other three attacked Marcasite. As the attacks hit, they first thought, they did it. “Don’t cheer at you to soon.” Low reminded the girls that everything can happen. And it did! Tanbaga and Marcasite were still unharmed. “Those were two of our most powerful attacks! What should we do?” Cyan asked. “There is only one thing we can do!” Crimson said determined. She put her arm with the Heaven Crystal in front of Cyan and nodded. Cyan didn’t take a long look at it. She nodded too. “Guys, let’s finish this, by using the most powerful attack we know!” Cyan and Crimson shouted. At first, the others were a bit surprised but then they got closer so they could perform the attack.

“We desire the infinite power of the rainbow!” Everyone shouted and around them, a very strong whirlwind started. The wind was rainbow colored, even included pink and purple. “Kingdom of miraculous colors,” Crimson started. “Lend us the power we desire!” Cyan finished. Then each of the Cures raised their arm with their Crystals to the sky. The crystals started glowing. They started glowing very brightly. “Miraculous rainbow…” The Cures started and formed their hands into fists and a ray of rainbow colored light came down to them. It turned also into a whirlwind. “Pretty Color!” The Cures shouted and the whirlwind started to expand. However, before they were able to finish their attack, Marcasite and Tanbaga used a powerful attack and interrupted the Cures. The attack hit the girls directly and the rainbow colored whirlwind disappeared as the Cures fell to the ground. “So close…” Crimson said with a very weak voice. To protect the girls from further attacks, Low used his powers to create a kind of shield around the defeated girls. But it was only a matter of time until Marcasite and Tanbaga could break through this shield.

Miraculous Rainbow

After the Cures were defeated by Tanbaga and Marcasite, Beryl, Turquoise and Robin were visibly shocked. However, the princes remained calm. Very calm. She took her tiara and held it in front of her. “Everybody, please use the miracle lights to give the Cures more power!” She said with a calm voice. Then, Robin held the Miracle Light she turned on before, to the sky. Her expression was both serious but also worried. “I hope this works.” Watching Robin doing this, Beryl and Turquoise laid a hand on their chest. A light came from it and this turned into Miracle Lights, then they did the same thing as Robin.

After that, the scene showed us a view over Skyriver from the little place the Cures stayed to the Castle. Within seconds, a wave of lights started shining. They were all very bright and slightly turned into a rainbow. The lights hurried to the Cures, whose bodies got covered in this rainbow light. “Give the Pretty Cure the miraculous power!” the princes called and her tiara also started glowing. Like the wave of light, the tiara headed towards the Cures, it stopped over them and split up in six. Low, who was still holding the shield, looked up to the tiara, not sure what was going to happen, he decided to stay with protection. At least until the Cures felt better again. The Cures felt a little powering up and sat up. They looked confused and surprised at each other. Then they noticed the tiaras floating over them. They reached for them and as they touched them, they found themselves inside a gigantic rainbow again. All of their wound magically disappeared and they Cures felt stronger. Little angel’s wings appeared on their backs and then the tiara placed itself at each Cures’ head. While the tiara of the princess had a blue jewel on it, the jewels of the Cures were rainbow colored. “Pretty Cure, Rainbow Miracle!” The Cures said slightly and they re-appeared at Skyriver. They were standing right before Tanbaga and Marcasite. “As the chosen warriors of the infinite rainbow, we have the power to purify your cursed souls forever.” The Cures said together. “Say goodbye!” They added.

Without doing anymore fighting, the Cures performed their attack once more. “Miraculous Rainbow in our heart. Lend us your power!” The girls shouted. “Pretty Color! Rainbow Crystal Fantasy!” Their Heaven Crystals started shining brightly and turned everything around them into a white, very bright light. In the right moment, as Marcasite and Tanbaga broke through the shield, two rainbows appeared from heaven, both split up into six fragments which then wrapped around Marcasite and Tanbaga. The fragments of the rainbows got tighter and tighter until Marcasite and Tanbaga explode and only left rainbow colored sparkles behind. Then the area became normal again. The Cures then took their tiaras of and their power up disappeared. The winds were gone, and the Cures were ‘normal’ again.

Returning to normal

Whitney stretched her hand out to Low. “Are you alright?” She asked with a smile. “Am I alright? You can ask questions! I was worried!” He answered, pouty but still glad that everything was over now. “Yeah, sorry about that.” Crimson answered. Then the girls de-transformed. They are holding the tiaras in their hands and stepped closer to Princess Alexa. “Thank you for lending us your power, Princess.” Ruby said and giving her tiara to Alexa. Alexa took it. “I have to thank you.” She answered and put some of her power into the tiara, Ruby gave her. Then the other tiaras turned white and flew to the tiara Alexa was holding. Then the tiara turned back to what it used to be. “It was an honor to help you.” She said and bowed. Then she started to leave the place.

Beryl and Turquoise were visibly relieved that the girls were alright. They magically put their Miracle Lights back where they came from. “Um…” Beryl said. “I’m sorry, we brought you in that kind of danger!” She said, very sad. “We didn’t know this could happen.” Turquoise answered. “Don’t worry about that. Bad things happen and sometimes no one is responsible.” Diamond answered. “You couldn’t know that these demons would free themselves the moment we arrive here. Or that they would ever break the seal.” Low said, untouched. “But something made the seal weaker.” Sapphire thought. “What do you want to say with that? Seals are like houses. The older the get, the weaker they become!” Low answered. “And if they are attacked, it goes faster, right?” She winked. “Yeah, yeah. But it’s not my fault.” Low answered. “No one said that.” Sapphire said, acting surprised but was actually laughing a lot. “Yes you did! Just a moment ago!” “Now you two.” Diamond said to stop them. “Are they always like this?” Beryl wondered. “Yes!” The remaining girls answered. “You learn to ignore it… well as long as you are not Diamond, who has to live with that.” Amber answered.

“So, then… if you haven’t enough of this place yet…” Turquoise started. “What?” Sapphire said. “There is no way you can get us away from this place again!” Sapphire said. “What about school?” Robin wondered, who was hugging her sister more than she’d usually do. “…yeah…about that…” Sapphire said thinking. “And family? What about your family?” Topaz wondered. “Alright!” Sapphire called. “But at least let us stay for a bit.” She said. “Sure we can stay for a bit longer. But we have to leave tomorrow then.” Diamond said. “Right in the morning.” She added. “Ugh… morning. I think I’ll rather stay here.” Low mumbled. But Diamond then grabbed his arm. “Either standing up early or I push you in water!” she said smiling. “Alright!” Low answered, well knowing that she will do it if he doesn’t get up early tomorrow. “Why can’t you do both? Or we do both?” Sapphire wondered. “Pushing you? You are the only one that has been outside of water yet.” She added. “But Koe-san. I was only teasing him.” Diamond smiled. “Teasing him? You? That’s new.” Ruby said. “He is afraid of water you know” Diamond said. “Oh, I see…” Sapphire grinned gleeful. “That’s a new part of you, Prince…” she said laughing. “You had to say that now, did you?” Low looked at Diamond who was just nodding. “Well, I guess everyone has fears…” Emerald said. “Let’s go and enjoy our last day here instead of talking about fears, huh?” Amber said pointing at the slight beach that the group was spending the last days. “Alright, let’s go!” Ruby called.

Then movie’s ending; Issho ni Natsu ni started playing. While it was playing short clips of the group enjoying their last day at Skyriver. Besides Beryl and Turquoise, they were also joined by some more fairies of Skyriver and later the princess. Scenes that were shown, were when most of the group was playing in water, they played volleyball, other fun games you can play at beach like tossing Frisbees or building sandcastles, etc. Then pushing others into water, trying to get Low in water, but it didn’t work at all. Throwing water “bombs” at others or just laying around reading books was also part of it. Then as it turned darker, they showed how most of the team started having a barbeque, while another part just enjoyed the last bit of the sun. One of the last scenes even showed Diamond and Low sharing a kiss. The last scene then showed the girls walking down the Rainbow Bridge and arriving at Feather-Castletown again. After the music finished, Scarlet said: “Let’s do this next year again ~akai!”