Skyriver (スカイリバー?) is a main location of the Guardian Angel Of The Sky Series and also the home of the eight main fairies. In the first episode of the series, the destruction of the country of rainbows has been shown. Skyriver is part of the magical federation known as Magic Triangle. Skyriver is the mythical kingdom of the rainbow colored miracle and can be reached over the Door of the Sky. The current crown princess of Skyriver is Princess Sofia. Skyriver is also known as the Country of Rainbows (七色国 Nanairokoku?).

Legend of Skyriver

Catastrof once ruled every world known in this universe. While some worlds weren’t as much influenced by him, the Skyriver and your world was. But it was not like people were accepting what he did and so the rainbow colored wing of freedom reached for the dark sky. This person had to power to weaken Catastrof enough so he wasn’t able to get our worlds back.



  • The royal emblem of Skyriver is a snow white alicorn.